Production of the Togg electric SUV begins

Togg officially inaugurated its production plant in Gemlik, turning the dream of the president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, into reality to start the production of electric cars in the Anatolian country. Erdogan himself cut the ribbon on a date chosen for some time, certainly not by chance: October 29, Republic Day in Turkey. With the opening, mass production of the first vehicle was also started, a C-segment SUV developed in collaboration with Turin-based Pininfarina. The Togg electric SUV debut on the market will be in March, just before the Turkish presidential elections: it starts, obviously, from the native country, but the company was founded in 2018 on the initiative of various local realities (Anadolu Grubu, BMC, Kök Grubu, Turkcell, Zorlu Holding and the union of chambers of commerce) and with the strong support of the state, aims to expand its range of action within 15-18 months, starting from Germany to exploit the large community of emigrants of Turkish origin ( according to official statistics at least 2.7 million). The TOGG electric SUV is credited with an autonomy of between 300 and 500 kilometers based on the size of the batteries. The choice of Gemlik for the plant's location is not accidental: the plant is just over 30 kilometers from Bursa, the capital of the homonymous province overlooking the Sea of Marmara, which houses most of the leading car factories of the country. The shareholder companies have pledged over 3.5 billion euros. Still, they have obtained ample guarantees from Ankara, including tax incentives, low-interest loans, land on loan for use, and, above all, the purchase of large volumes by state bodies: at least 30 thousand units of the 175 thousand per year expected to be fully operational within five years. For 2022, production is indicated between 17,000 and 18,000 units. The state has also placed another condition for its support, namely the increasing use of local suppliers: according to some print reconstructions, initially, the components will be of Turkish origin for 51%, but this percentage will have to rise in a few years to 65-70%. Among other things, the project involves the construction, together with Farasis Energy, of a battery factory on land adjacent to the assembly plant. "We are all witnessing the realization of a 60-year dream," said Erdogan during his speech during the inauguration ceremony. Orders for Togg electric SUV in Turkey have begun. Still, nothing is known about the price lists: Deutsche Welle indicates a base price of around 45000 euros, an unapproachable value for most of the population despite the desire to pass the Togg as "a car of the people."
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The brand-new electric car from Ford, the E-Transit Custom!

The E-Transit Custom commercial van from Ford Pro has finally been shown off in Europe. A vehicle that helps businesses that use vans do their jobs much better. With the release of the brand-new Ford E-Transit Custom, Europe's best-selling van is now available as an all-electric vehicle. Ford's global skills in research and development, design, and software development, as well as its cutting-edge EV technology and digital software and service ecosystem for Ford Pro, all came together to make the Ford E-Transit Custom. This helps businesses lower their total cost of ownership and get more done. So, more people will be able to buy electric cars. Small and medium-sized businesses helped make the new van. It has a lot of digital and cloud-based features that are meant to make customer service better, and with Ford Power-Up software, it can be updated wirelessly. Next-gen battery technology lets cars have a range of up to 380 km and charge quickly at 125 kW. Ford Pro's all-in-one charge management and optimization solutions help E-Transit Custom deliver high-quality performance for a wide range of customer needs. The Ford E-Transit Custom van has high-tech improvements for passenger safety, delivering cargo, and getting into the cab. The cockpit can also be used as a mobile office because it has a 5G internet connection and a lot of different ways to use the space. For example, the steering wheel can be folded into a comfortable position so that laptops and tablets can fit. The electric Ford E-Transit Custom van can carry up to 1,100 kg and pull up to 2,000 kg.
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The new Fiat 500e "la Prima" with a JBL premium audio system

The Fiat 500e "la Prima" by Bocelli is the world's first electric city car equipped with JBL's "Virtual Venues" technology. The 500e delivers an incomparable sound experience by making virtual concert spaces. In the new top version of the Fiat 500 electric car, the JBL's premium audio system has also been tuned by master tenor Andrea Bocelli. The premium audio system delivers 320 watts, can be operated intuitively and is perfectly integrated into the vehicle without compromising the space available in the interior or trunk. FIAT also worked with Italian superstar Andrea Bocelli to make the system perfect and unique. The unmistakable soundtrack of the corresponding communication campaign is the new single by Bocelli's son Matteo. "The tremendous triumph of the new Fiat 500 in the previous top version 'la Prima' has shown that many customers want a premium, Italian, and iconic vehicle. In short, they want the best of 'Made in Italy' in their vehicle," commented Olivier François, CEO of FIAT and Global CMO of Stellantis. "Italian means: highest expression of art, beauty, and music. Together with Maestro Andrea Bocelli, we created the ultimate listening experience that exploits the silence in an electric vehicle. Furthermore, thanks to JBL's exclusive 'Virtual Venues' technology, we offer our customers an immersive and customized audio experience. This revolutionary premium audio system complements our iconic brand, proudly made in Italy. The 2022 Fiat 500e "la Prima" by Bocelli comes standard with a light in the glove compartment that emits UV-C light. This allows the surface of small objects, such as smartphones or keys, to be cleaned effectively. The cleaning process is started using a pressure switch in the center console. The process takes around three minutes. A display and an audible signal will notify you when cleaning is complete. In addition, the new Fiat 500e "la Prima" by Bocelli showcases other jewels of design and technology. They include the Uconnect 5 with a 10.25-inch (26 cm) high-definition touchscreen and integrated navigation system, full LED headlights, and 17-inch diamond-finish alloy wheels. The interior is very exclusive, with the dashboard paneling in a woven look and seat covers in ice beige with an embossed FIAT monogram. The Cabriolet variant of the new Fiat 500e "la Prima" by Bocelli also features the lettering FIAT on the soft top. The vehicle key rounds off the exclusive standard equipment with a stone look, a tray for charging smartphones wirelessly, and specific floor mats with the Italian flag. The Fiat 500e "la Prima" electric city car by Bocelli can travel up to 320 kilometers between two charging processes. In city traffic, the range even increases to up to 460 kilometers. In addition, the electrically powered Fiat 500 is the first city car that has the ability for partially automated driving.

How electric car maintenance is performed

If you have ever had a traditional gas-powered vehicle, you are probably aware of the routine maintenance necessary to keep it running. There are engine oil and filter changes every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, tire rotations and replacements as necessary, and brake pads and, eventually, rotors. The fluid check includes the brake, power steering, gearbox, and coolant. Additionally, you must inspect and occasionally repair hoses, belts, and seals and replace the windshield wipers and even the batteries every few years. Compare that to what is necessary for an all-electric vehicle, which is less expensive to maintain over time and more economical to operate while charging at home. Conventional automobiles have dozens of mechanical components that require maintenance, repair, or replacement. But on electric cars are no tune-ups, oil changes, cooling system flushes, spark plugs, drive belts, gearbox, or differential service costs with an electric vehicle. In addition, electric cars have no failing fuel or water pumps, no leaky engine gaskets, and no gummed-up fuel injection system. Indeed, electric cars, despite their incredible technology, are surprisingly simple to maintain and cost around one-third of what it generally costs to fix a gas-powered car. How electric car maintenance is performed. With your new electric car, you will save money on gasoline and maintenance. So, what can you expect in terms of maintenance for your electric vehicle? Automobile manufacturers recommend that EV owners perform a set of periodic checkups and servicing to maintain the vehicle's warranty. This is determined through a variety of mechanical checks. What You Will Be Required to Service.

The Ford Escape raises the bar for small SUVs.

In case you missed it, Ford unveiled the Mustang Mach-E, an electric crossover. Ford might have dubbed it something different, but the marketing department opted to capitalize on the iconic Mustang brand to get headlines and, perhaps, customers. What should not be missed is Ford's decision to build its first solo electric car as a crossover. This selection demonstrates how far the sport utility vehicle has progressed. When combined with Ford's plan to discontinue sedans and hatchbacks, it's apparent that the corporation is betting everything on trucks, SUVs, and crossovers. Suffice it to say; the new 2020 Ford Escape is under some pressure. While the Ford Escape has been on the market since 2000, it came into its own in 2013 when Ford embraced the "One Ford" strategy, which meant that cars would be marketed in different countries across the world. As a result, the Ford Escape—a high-tech, attractive, and surprisingly sporty compact SUV—was renamed the Ford Kuga throughout Europe. With all of this in mind, the new Ford Escape must not only outperform the previous model to compete in the compact crossover category, but it must also win over the potential sedan and hatchback buyers. So can the Ford Escape live up to the hype? The new Ford Escape is an appealing small crossover SUV. The wide grille is shared with the outgoing Fiesta and Focus hatchbacks, and the Ford GT supercar influences the headlights. The old Escape featured a more upright rear end, and as we'll see later, the new Escape's more curving form comes at a price. Nonetheless, the Escape remains one of the most attractive compact SUVs on the market, probably trailing just the Mazda CX-5 and Jeep Grand Cherokee. Moving inside, we find a beautiful, contemporary cabin that isn't too far ahead of its time. The design is forward-thinking, yet it retains the essential controls in place. Our test vehicle had a digital instrument panel, a floating infotainment screen, and a sleek, futuristic appearance.

The Nissan Ariya electric crossover-SUV will be available next year

The Nissan Ariya is the Japanese company's next electric crossover, based on a prototype of the same name that Nissan presented at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. The final production model will be on sale in Japan in mid-2021, followed by the European market a few months later. The new Nissan Ariya has a comprehensive design language, which has allowed the introduction of the refreshed Nissan logo. Starting at the front, we get a sleek and crisp LED headlamp. A black portion connects the emblem and the daytime running lights, emulating the original form of Nissan's V-Motion front grille. The sculpted bumper has huge air intakes at both ends and a large open bottom portion painted in high-gloss black. From the side, you can see the gloss black wheel arches and sills, rounded and clean lines, the battery charging port in the front wing, rear-view mirrors positioned on the doors, a descending coupe-style roof in glossy black wheels, and 19-inch wheels with a five-spoke design and aerodynamic cut (a set of 20-inch wheels is also available as an option). From the back, we can see a twin shark fin on the roof, a vast upper spoiler, a sloping rear window, an optical group that spans the whole width of the car and incorporates the term 'Nissan,' a boot lid in a pretty flat design, and a glossy black coated bumper. The Nissan Ariya has 4,595 mm in length, 1,850 mm in width, and 1,660 mm in height, all on a chassis with a wheelbase of 2,775 mm. In comparison, the Nissan X-Trail is 95mm shorter, 30mm broader, and 50mm lower, with a 70mm larger wheelbase. The Nissan Ariya's interior has a straightforward technology approach. The dual 12.3-inch screen for the infotainment system and the digital instrument cluster is an outstanding illustration of this. A steering wheel with two horizontal spokes and a slew of integrated switches sits in front of it. At the same time, the central console has the fewest physical buttons feasible, several of which have become tactile with haptic feedback. Further down, separated from the center console by the absence of a traditional gearbox, we discover a lower console with a tiny glove box, a lever to control the electric transmission, and a few other controls. The same is valid on the bottom left side of the dashboard, right next to the steering wheel, where you'll find several more buttons to manage various safety systems and driving assistance. The Nissan Ariya comes with a variety of upholstery and finishes choices, as well as a trunk with a volumetric capacity of 468 liters (415 liters in the e-4ORCE versions). Once the back seats are folded down, the entire data is unclear. The cabin of the Ariya can accommodate up to five passengers. The new Nissan Ariya is powered by a diverse range of completely electric engines intended to satisfy the demands of all sorts of drivers. For the European market, there are five major variants available, including two-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive versions. The initial version has a 160 kW (218 hp) electric engine with 300 Nm of torque and is powered by a 63 kWh battery that allows it to go up to 360 km on a single charge. The second version increases the electric motor's power to 178 kW (242 hp), but the maximum torque stays at 300 Nm. Furthermore, the battery capacity is increased to 87 kWh, and the autonomy is increased to 500 kilometers, according to WLTP statistics. The third alternative already incorporates the e-4ORCE propulsion system, which consists of two electric motors to produce an electric all-wheel-drive system. The first choice has a maximum power output of 205 kW (279 hp) and a torque output of 560 Nm. In this example, the battery is 63 kWh, allowing you to drive up to 340 kilometers on a single charge.

The new Mercedes-Benz EQS electric car is here

Mercedes-Benz may not have been the first company to lead the automobile industry into the new electric era, but it is still one of the most influential brands shaping the future of this era. So it's time to welcome the Mercedes-Benz EQS, the flagship of the EQ electric family, after years of waiting and millions of tests to provide a product at the level of the star brand. The Mercedes-Benz EQS preserves the primary lines of the concept that we were familiar with years ago and lands its details with more delicate forms, but without losing the futuristic touch that drew attention to the idea in the first place. Furthermore, they decided to offer it in a two-tone format that contrasts its forms beautifully. Variants with a single body color will also be available. With a closed grille and dozens of tiny stars, well-defined headlamps, and a daytime running light that matches the hallmark of LEDs all over the front center, it has a crisp and broad front end. It's worth noting that its LED headlights can be equipped with the Digital Light system, which allows pedestrians and other drivers to see clear messages mirrored on the ground. Although it has four doors, the sides reveal an extraordinarily clean silhouette and a "coupe" cut. Mercedes boasts that its aerodynamic drag coefficient is under 0.20 Cx, the lowest ever recorded in the history of production cars; therefore, one of these forms has to do with aerodynamics. LED skulls are joined to the center by a light strip in the back, and a little spoiler completes the shape. It appears to be of container size in images, but it is actually larger than a Mercedes-Benz S-Class with a standard body. The dimensions of this Mercedes-Benz EQS are 5.21 meters long by 1.92 meters wide. Mercedes-Benz is well renowned for paving the path for the modern automotive world through the efforts of its founders. Since then, they've been battling it out to be the automotive industry's spearhead. They were responsible for the development of hundreds of components that are now standard in 99.9% of all cars on the road. Today, their objective is to keep that step, and they want to do so with the help of technology.