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Changmin - Not Your Ordinary Girl
Bunching up your chocolate colored tights, your weight depressed the part of the bed that you leaned against as you lifted up one of your legs and pointed your toes. Slipping your foot into the tights, you slowly pulled the fitting fabric over your legs and placed the waistband just above your hips. Picking up your cream colored sweater dress, you carefully maneuvered the fabric over your figure. Lifting your hair from underneath the collar of the dress, you turned around and looked at your reflection in the mirror. Lifting a black leather jacket from the back of his desk chair, he slowly slipped his arms through the sleeves before adjusting the coat upon his shoulders. Grabbing the scarf that lay on his bed, he turned around and gazed at his reflection. With a graphic t shirt underneath his black leather jacket, he carefully wrapped the scarf around his neck as his eyes wandered over his black outfitted torso and jeans that fitted his lower half. Pinning up a section of your hair with a slightly sparkly clip, you looked at your darker complexion with the overall outfit. Turning yourself slowly from side to side, your eyes meticulously trailed over your figure as your stomach churned with anticipation. Exiting your bedroom, you headed over to the doorway where you grabbed your beige tall boots. Slipping your feet into the boots, you carefully zipped up the backs and pulled the leather upwards to reach just below your knee. Sliding the key into the ignition, he started the engine to his car, pressing in the clutch, he shifted his car into gear before releasing the clutch and adding some gas as he followed the directions on his phone to his predesigned destination. Shuffling your feet across the hardwood floor, you wrapped your arms around yourself as you slowly ran your thumb and finger over your lips while your mind slowly faded away in thought.
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5 months ago
Hoya - Lonely Hearts
Five…Six…Seven…Eight, two bodies floated across the wood floor. Twisting, turning, moving with the music in perfect harmony, Hoya twirled you around him as the music continued. The music cut and you were in a dip position with Hoya looking down on you he smile and brought you back up into the upright position. “Take five, everyone.” The choreographer boomed as the dancers dispersed and talked, you walked over to your bag, your hand wrapped around your water bottle. You slid down the wall and sat on the floor engaging all of your senses into feeling that water rush down your parched throat. You closed your eyes trying to escape but you never had been able to, you thought of how your job would have been different if you weren’t so shy and if you weren’t so music crazy, but none-the-less you loved the position that you had landed. Even though you had never had any specific dance training you always were chosen to be the lead in everything that you do. All of the other girls and back-up dancers didn’t really like you for that reason as well as being a good dancer without having to work at it. But what they didn’t know was all the time, money, and pain that you had put into your career. “Hello?” Hoya squatted on the tips of his toes waving his hand in front of his face. You lowered the water bottle from your lips as you gazed on one of the members of Infinite. “Hello” You stretched out one of your legs and then started to bend over to stretch. You felt a hand on your back pushing you down a little further so that the pressure could stretch the tender muscles that you had been using. You gently sat up and took another sip of your water. “Let’s run that again!” The choreographer yelled over the chatter that filled the room. Hoya’s hands outreached to help you up; you slid your water bottle into your bag and placed your hands in his. You were impressed with the strength that he had to pull you up as well as his manners. After running that song another fifty times, everybody was free to go home. You walked over to your bag, placed some extra clothing that you had thrown over there into your bag. You said farewell to the manager and choreographer and left the room. Walking down the long lonely hall where only your thoughts accompanied you through your long journey. You looked at your phones ominously as the hallway opened into the main lobby. You heard your name faintly from behind you. You thought it was just the other girls making fun of your again. You name increased with volume as you slowed down and looked over your shoulder.

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