2 years ago
My Top 5 Anime Crushes (League of Extraordinary Men:)
It's a given in any anime to have beautiful men. It's hard to come away from any show without developing a crush for someone. Among this vast ocean of downright gorgeous dudes I've chosen my personal top 5 crushes. Hope you enjoy, and let me know what crushes you have from your shows! #5: Erwin Smith (Dem eyebrows though;) My first time watching Attack on Titan I was definitely a Levi fan girl. However, while re-watching this amazing anime, I began to realize Erwin's a pretty cool guy himself. As leader of the survey corps, he's basically the head and hope of humanity's fight against the titans. He takes on this responsibility with such courage and tenacity it's hard not to admire the dude. He comes up with incredible battle plans, and when they fail (as they do often) he doesn't give up hope. Even though he's the man required to give up his humanity to save humaniry, you can tell he cares deeply for his comrades and feels every loss. I've only seen the anime and just started reading the manga, so I'm hoping he stays a good guy. #4: Alphonse Elric Alphonse is, most likely, one of the most heartwarming/lovable characters in all of anime. From saving helpless kittens in the rain to helping his older brother keep it together (and not take short jokes so seriously:) Alphonse is an all around sweet and gentle person. It also wasn't bad when you finally get to see him with his body grown up and turns out to be incredibly handsome. ^^ #3: Kaname Kuran