a year ago
Can I say this....
I know a lot of people might have said something about this but it makes me so upset that it takes jin to dye his hair for people to notice him. Jin probably makes the most effort to communicate with us yet everyone discards him to the side. He stopped eatjin because everyone asked for other members when it was HIS show. We've failed in making him feel needed and making feel like his efforts aren't wasted. Yet it takes him to go from that to blonde and now people wanna Stan him. Jin is. pure soul people act like idols aren't just like us. They have feelings they can get hurt by the words others say. You don't know how much he gives up on a daily to be who he is for us. Jin doesn't lie to make us happy he tells us the truth and if he doesn't he hides it to keep us happy. The lyric of their new song are not only voicing one but all of the members feelings and possibly more than just BTS's feeling towards being an idol. While they love it they hate it. Their life is constantly on blast they don't even get to be with family . But they love the feeling of being loved by millions, of being on stage with millions screaming their names. They believe that one day we'll forget them. They wanna stay young forever they wanna be able to hear our scream for them and their achievements so pitting down one member is putting down the whole group. Sticks and stones may break my bones but word will always hurt me. Think before you say our words cause even the simplest thing to be taken away.
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