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Urea is some sort of high concentration nitrogen fertilizer, which is an neutral quick effect fertilizer and may also be used to produce many forms of compound fertilizer. Urea is applicable to all crops along with all soils, can always be used as base fertilizer and also fertilizer, dry paddy fields is usually applied. No harmful substances remain from the soil and there isn't a adverse effect on long-term application. Animal husbandry can be used as feed for ruminants. Property: It is soluble in water as well as alcohol. Its water solubility will be faintly alkaline. It decomposes when heated over fusing position. Under high temperature, it may undergo a condensation outcome and form biuret, triuret as well as polyhydrocyanic acid. Uses Urea is often a high concentration of nitrogen fertilizer, is a neutral organic fertilizer, also are available in the production of quite a few compound fertilizer. In marketplace, for steel, stainless steel chemical polishing has whitening outcome, used as a corrosion inhibitor while in the metal pickling, also utilised in the preparation of that palladium activation fluid.. Packing and Transport 50kg, 500kg, 1000kg PP bag or pallet available, Stored in cool, dry and also draughty storehouse. Kept apart form fire, heat resource, moisture. Avoid packing injuries. when necessary should possibly be placing the waterproof canvas. Exec Standard: GB/T 2440-2017It can be white granular with small hole, not absorb seepage. The nutrient include ammonium nitrogen in addition to nitrate nitrogen, the nitrate nitrogen effortlessly dissolves, has great activity in soil that will supply the nutrient essential by crop. More than 80% with the phosphate is water soluble. This product is suitable to all soils plants, it can improve the particular phosphate needed by crops, especially in the don't have any P soil, the impact is more excellent.

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Thermal imaging systems are intended and produced for coronavirus manage. We use thermal imager cameras to collect the group people entire body temperature, analysis and report in the software system to exhibit all real time body temperatures, alarm for the high temperature those with light and sound. Make record of alarmed person. All inspection process are automatically done without the touching. This is a reliability solution which already succeeded in China for coronavirus control within the following area: 1-Transportation systems including airports, railways, metros, property transportation; Public transportation is the places where a variety of passengers get together and be near to each others. It can be the places where that coronavirus spread easily. We really need to use the thermal imaging systems to use all passengers forehead temps in group without touching people no stoping the human traffic. High temperature sound as well as light alarm makes the inspection process much simpler than testing body temperature one by one. 2-Education systems including instruction management offices, schools; A bundle of kindergarten, shools, universities and their operations offices are closed avoiding the coronavirus spread. Once the shools and offices reopen the quick temperature measure solution really should be provided as a reliability solution. Consider the students and teachers should be in shool in time every single day, the fast temperature checking should be applied, or there will often be heavy traffic infront in the gates.

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DS99 is a single axis Doppler Swiftness Log, displaying ship’s speed relative to water of hospitality attire axis(STW, Fore/ Aft) plus distance (Trip/ Total) with 7 inch TFT LCD, making use of Doppler principle. Applying fresh technology of high integration and stability, DS99 provides a person the optimum choice with regard to large ship under 50000 GT. The rugged and modern design and style offers excellent user inner thoughts. Nanjing Ninglu Technology Corp.,Ltd. (Abbreviated as Ninglu Tech) has been founded in 2000 with the joint investment of Norway Skipper AS and Nanjing Haitian Ninglu Gadgets Co.,Ltd.. Ninglu Technology has passed the ISO9001 good quality system certification in 2002, flushed the high-tech enterprise certification in 2015, passed that intellectual property management procedure certification in 2017, and has grown a well-known brand within the domestic industry. Ninglu Tech can be a leading supplier specilized with producing ship anemometer、navigational replicate sounder、wind speed meter、doppler pace log etcAt present, the business is located in Jiangning Future Network Town, with the production and operation patch of 3000 square meters, 35 employees with a median age of 36 yoa, and college degree or above accounted to get more detailed than 80%. Ninglu Tech may be a vibrant and innovative crew with research &development, profits and production departments. There are a production chain connected with rapid response and cohesive assistance, an excellent sales group, a professional on-call assistance team, an experienced and progressive research & development team and an efficient and harmonious management group. Ninglu Tech is major in research & progress and sales of sea navigation supporting equipment, which include echo sounder, fish locater, speedlog, anemometer, BNWAS, rudder opinion indication system, and linked repeater, junction box along with other supporting equipment. We focus on the field of sea navigation equipment, adhere towards steady operation, continuous innovation, with international standards, cutting-edge engineering, advanced craft, and great quality, to create a leading brand in China.