H&M Takes Another Step to Accelerate Sustainable Clothing

Do you know how much clothing is being wasted each year? The more mind blowing fact is thinking about the clothing that remain unsold. This is the reality of fast fashion. We are obsessed with affordable, trendy clothing. In a sense, this behavior is encouraged by our desire of wanting the latest trend in our own closet. The retailers know that and they are doing what they can to grab our attention and drive us purchase. Displaying large sale signs, sending us emails, and making us feel like VIPS. This is all done to make us take the item off their inventory list. What happens if we don't? The items go to waste. Sad but true. Many fashion giants know this is a problem but they still continue this practice of mass production. H&M tried to promote environmentally sustainable program in the fashion world. by promoting their "Conscious Collection." Earlier this week they invested $1.14 million grant to "Global Change Award" to help fund the winners and provide "the support and knowledge they need to actualize their ideas." I see their intention and they are trying to make a difference in the fashion world but it's not enough. "If a fast fashion brand tossing some of its wealth at advances in sustainable clothing manufacturing brings to the fore new ideas that can be implemented by the industry at large — and, notably, H&M says it won't take equity or intellectual property rights in any of the inventions — that's awesome. But without changing the rate at which it produces its goods, an environmental initiative like this come across, at its most basic, like a PR move and at its best, a Band-Aid." - Fashionista Do you think we can have a sustainable fashion future?