Choosing The Right Bunk Bed With Stairs For Your Children

Do you remember the time when bunk beds were the most uncomfortable beds, manufactured in old military styles made from metal? And not to forget getting in, out, and accessing the top bunk was not less than torture. Fast forward to today with the different sizes, colors, and styles, creative customizations with stairs or ladders have made bunk bed a piece of must-have furniture in children's room. Whether you want to integrate new features into your bunk bed or upgrade your kid's room with a twin or triple bunk bed, you might want to weigh your options and try to decide which one will be the right fit within the available space. Below are some points to consider, so you know that you have picked the right bunk bed: Make sure the room is big enough to support a bunk bed: No doubt bunk beds are a great space-saver. However, when you are choosing a versatile sleeping solution with a lot to offer then ensuring there is enough room should be your priority. For instance, you want to consider the added floor space needed when opting for trundle or drawers underneath. And not to forget, the height of the lower and top bunk. With that being said, the lower bunk should have plenty of space to meet your child's requirements. Also, when they grow, there should be enough room for them to move and sit straight up without hitting the bed or ceiling. Note that, if you are considering bunk beds with stairs, triple bunks, trundle beds, or a curved ladder you require more space to maneuver around. Make sure the room has enough space to accommodate the extra features so that you can progress with safety and creativity in mind.

Why Handcrafted Bunk Beds are Worth the Investment

You might ask yourself while browsing through the endless options available for beds, how can handcrafted custom beds be so special? What is it that makes a buyer choose something that is unique and made to their exact specifications? At first, the customized, comfortable, and luxurious beds might seem like an extra expense, but they will prove to be a sound investment. Another way to answer your question is to simplify the choice as being one between those bunk beds that are individually designed and made, often completely handcrafted and those that are not, i.e, those that are mass-produced according to standard dimensions. Beyond that, your decision is going to be based purely on taste and preference. When you have your mind up about the bunk bed design, something that is unique and speaks about your idea of beauty, you might as well get it customized. Reasons why Handcrafted Bunk Beds can be a Good Buy for your Bedroom Undeniably unique: Just to save some cash, you may be tempted to choose cheaper alternatives. However, the beauty of handcrafted bunk beds is that you just can't go to a store and buy a similar-looking piece, that too, durable and unique. When you collaborate with a manufacturer you would know that their artisans have the personality of the work they do as each piece is handcrafted by hand. Not only this, but you get more choices from the ladder-type, safety rails, storage to the type of paint and finish you want. Just like an all-important pair of shoes in your wardrobe, you can be confident that your bunk bed frame with a timeless design will give your room a stylish feel. More bang for your buck with the highest quality: A bunk bed that matches your decor and is made from high-quality solid wood has simply a more pleasing visual presentation. With years of use, these do show signs of aging with marks and scratches that are obviously inevitable. However, it brings out the best qualities when artisans know how to work with the material, and not against it, with longevity in mind. Besides that, do you really want to invest in a new bed every few years? With handmade wooden bunk beds, it's a promise that you won't have to constantly fork out for a new bed frame as you would have to do with mass-produced furniture pieces. Perfect fit for your home: One attribute that makes handmade bunk beds a popular choice among kids, as well as adults, is that without compromising on the design it can be customized. Most often, there is a chance that you might have a particular space that the off-shelf pickups can't meet. However, with a customized approach, you will be able to feed your dimensions with the right bed specific to your needs. Maine Bunk Beds recognizes this and encourages customers to fill out a form to get custom quotes so that they get a bunk bed that is perfect for their home and lifestyle.