How COVID-19 Impacted on E-Commerce in ICT Industry?

COVID-19 Impact on E-Commerce in the Information and Communication Technology Industry Imbalance of fulfilling the consumer’s demand with respect to groceries and other essentials item has made the e-commerce industry into limelight due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the people have two options either to visit the supermarket personally or to order their respective product via online. It has led to the rise in popularity of digital e-commerce web platform like shipt, Walmart, Instacart, Amazon and many more as numerous people finds digital e-commerce services reliable and safe during this time. Almost every customers practicing social distancing rely on this home delivery service the most and are willing to continue this for the next time as well. This has also changed the shopping behavior of the consumers on the geographical level. For instance, it has been witnessed that as compared to U.S., countries like Germany, U.K. and Japan do lack in shopping criteria basically in essential food items and groceries. This can be due to the leniency of U.S. law towards this COVID-19 With respect to shopping behavior while purchasing the item, people have begun stocking the housing essentials including mask, sanitizers, toilet papers and others. This act has negatively affected the overall e-commerce industry to some extent as the companies are failing in fulfilling the huge demand. Thus, this results into an increase in the price of essential items in an uncontrolled way due to this panic buying pattern. It just looks like everyone has to be the leader in the ongoing race of purchasing up unnecessary and irregular items. Based on the gender, it has been noticed that men are less concerned towards the ill effect caused due to this Covid 19 but are active in online shopping. Not only in U.S. there is an increase in new users downloading the wholesale mobile app but it also has be seen an increasing trend from India too. From January 2020, there is almost 50% hike in users who have spent on online and e-commerce app. On the other hand, in South Eastern countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore among others, it has been witnessed a decline in the conversion rates in e-commerce apps. To overcome this e-commerce companies are taking initiatives to shift the consumer behavior towards at a quick rate and have reached more than 1million users on the daily baisis For instance, Blibli, an e-commerce industry in Indonesia has been providing an easy yet outstanding online shopping experience to its users and has reached more than 1million users on the daily basis through their awareness campaign KarenaSehatNo1 through app push notifications and email. Changes in the revenue Across E-commerce

How COVID-19 Impacted on Biostimulant in Agriculture & Animal Feed Industry?

COVID-19 Impact on Biostimulant in the Agriculture and Animal Feed Industry Since last year, the COVID-19 outbreak took place in Wuhan, China, and then it rapidly spread all across the world. This outbreak is negatively affected global economic growth which is beyond anything experienced in nearly a century. All sectors in the market have experienced its impact from both sides, that is, the supply side and the demand side. The sectors which have experienced COVID-19 impact on the agricultural level are agriculture, food supplies, and animal production sectors. Till April 2020, there was no medicine or vaccine available which has consequently resulted in lockdown and reduction in the production following social distancing measures. Under the agriculture sector, biostimulant which helps in the growth of the plants and is one of the booming products in the market which helps in increasing the crop and food productivity has experienced impact due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. The biostimulant includes all components such as seaweeds, amino acids, and protein hydrolysates, among others. These components are prepared by using certain sources that do not contain chemicals. Due to which the food products which are produced in the agricultural field do not cause health issues after consumption. Due to these major benefits and changes in people’s lifestyle and an increase in health consciousness, it is becoming important in the fertilizer sector. This is found to be an alternative to chemical fertilizers and also farmers are now more inclined towards safe and harmless products. But recently, due to COVID-19 pandemic, supply and demand chain got hit badly and this has led into a reduction in demand for the particular products in the market. POST COVID-19 IMPACT As time passed, demand for the products started increasing as food products are essential product hence various manufacturing company started taking decisions in order to provide their product’s in market. Also governing authority has provided permission or unlocked the lockdown which has helped the companies to deliver the product to the famers.

How COVID-19 Impacted on Bakery Products?

COVID-19 Impact on Bakery Products in the Food and Beverage Industry The novel coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the whole food and beverages industry among which bakery industry is one of them. This pandemic has resulted into mass production shutdowns and supply chain disruptions which has also affected the economy as well. Due to lockdown, during the start of 2020, sales of non-edible products such as disinfectants, toilet paper, paper goods, and hand sanitizer were high in demand and the sales of edible products such as bakery, meat products, and many others were up to the mark as the supply of bakery was insufficient as many of the bakers have shut operations due to shortage of labors. Along with this, disruption in logistics facilities due to the lockdown has created more issues in the market as consumers were not getting products as per their requirement which ultimately affected the market. Another factor that has created an impact on the market is the lack of raw material availability due to which production of products was not proper. Due to these issues, smaller bakers in the unorganized segment are the worst affected, as stated by Mago, who is also a president of the All India Bread Manufacturers Association. But as the time passed, government started allowing reopening of the shops, the demand for the bakery products took hike especially bread and others as these are the essential products which are used in daily diet, majorly as breakfast and evening snacks. Therefore, the demand from house hold sector for bakery products has increased on the other hand the food services sector has faced decline in the market for bakery products that were considered to be one of the demanding products in food service sector. This coronavirus pandemic has increased the demand for bakery products in household sector as it has brought inner bakers in people. Due to this, bread and cookies demand is increasing. For instance,
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How COVID-19 Impacted on mHealth in the Healthcare Industry ?

COVID-19 Impact on mHealth in the Healthcare Industry The COVID-19 pandemic has made an unprecedented effect on daily lives as well as the global economy. The impact on the healthcare sector has been seismic too and a significant burden is created on already strained healthcare systems across the world. As the overworked healthcare providers are grappling with constant rise in number of cases, patients are looking towards digital technologies for aid. COVID-19 outbreak has also made healthcare professionals to look for alternative methods to traditional systems and processes. This is leading an expedited adoption of mHealth across the industry both from providers and consumers. During the pandemic, several healthcare systems have bifurcated healthcare requirements into essential and non-essential based on urgency and overall requirement for care. As the non-essential requirements are given less priority during the pandemic, patients are resorting to mHealth solutions. This is augmenting the adoption of mHealth apps across a variety of therapeutic areas. As the pandemic subsides, the healthcare industry is expected to witness drastic structural and procedural changes as a large number of people become sceptic of visiting closed spaces with high risks of infection. Hence, it can be concluded that the COVID-19 outbreak is expected to play a significant role in the digital transformation of healthcare industry. The availability of healthcare apps is growing which are commonly referred to as mHealth (mobile health) apps. These apps are easy to download on smartphones, can be linked with wearable technology and assist the users in disease prevention and overall health management. The COVID-19 outbreak has increased the reliability of patients on mHealth apps in order to take an active and informed role in their own healthcare.
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Significant COVID-19 Impact on Probiotics in Automotive Industry | Data Bridge Market Research

COVID-19 Impact on Probiotics in Food and Beverage Industry COVID-19 pandemic have impacted the probiotics industry by increasing the consumption of healthy supplements owing to health benefits associated with them. Quarantine and Extended lockdown has impacted considerably all over world. However, pandemic has been created an opportunity due to the demand of probiotics. This is mainly due to raised awareness regarding health and increased concern for maintaining immunity and thereby well-being of health. Probiotics are known as live bacteria and yeasts which are good for digestive system. Probiotics are particularly used to maintain health of gut. Lactobacillus is most commonly used probiotics which is present in fermented food. This strain is particularly preventing diarrhea which mainly caused due to antibiotic infection. Bifidebacterium probiotics is found in dairy products which are particularly used in treatment of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Since there is no clinically approved specific efficacious treatment are available to treat covd-19, preventative measures are carried out by taking precautions and reinforcing immune system. Probiotics are interacts with gut bacteria that is microbiome to strengthen gut health and thereby immune system. Researcher has stated that, probiotics are associated with prevention and decreasing bacterial and viral infections. Hence, they have shown better demand in this pandemic. Most of the information regarding the strengthening of immune health through probiotics has been demonstrated in animal.
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COVID-19 Impact on Automotive Hud in Automotive Industry | Data Bridge Market Research

COVID-19 Impact on Automotive Hud in Automotive Industry COVID-19 is a pandemic disease which has created a severe outbreak in the world starting from China to almost in every country. It has major impact almost on everything including human life, world economy, automotive sector, industrial sector and others as a result demand and consumption rate gets lowered. Unavailability of vaccine to cure or prevent the disease from spreading is major reason due to which lockdown has been initiated for prevention and to lower the COVID-19 spread. To control the disease spread, lockdown is so far is considered to be the better solution observed in the many countries but it also harms the economy. The lockdown impacted the manufacturing industry, operation plants, ports and others locations as all facilities are closed which is a reason behind the slow market growth. Due to low operational machinery and low staff demand for the supply for automotive HUB has been stopped. Although, permission provided by the governments to run facility with certain safety measures created opportunity for the market to support the manufacturing plant operations and to resume the tasks and improving production efficiency the automotive HUB market is witnessing rising demand to meet the increased production target with limited resources is difficult task for manufactures to ease operations for better productivity. Expanding utilizes of virtual reality displays and Google glasses in numerous segments have made automobiles companies to come up with modern developments. The unused innovation of AR-VR in HUD has come up with a better approach of utilizing GPS, unlike some a long time back, when a turn was missed whereas utilizing GPS or the roadway was missed due to utilizing and setting the radio in car. HUD introduced on car show appears data or information in such a way that the client doesn’t get diverted and lose the center of their current errand. This includes HUD in car show makes difference dodge mischances, and it has brought security, consolation, and excitement for clients. They moreover give a few other benefits. The need of intrigued by OEMs in contributing to progressed technologies for the next one or two years will be a major difficulty for automotive HUD manufacturers, and the automotive HUD market is evaluated to witness a dip. IMPACT ON THE MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY AND GOVERNMENT INITIATIVE TO BOOST THE MARKET
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