Tantric massage is a new philosophy

To caress is the most simple and natural way to show affection using touch. Each caress is a message of love and erotic massage is nothing less than the most seductive and refined way of showing this love. In this book we invite you to undertake a wonderful journey of exploration across your lover’s skin. It is a journey that will take you to the center of their soul. The skin protects us from the outer world and also puts us in contact with it. It is our biggest and most important sexual organ. It is a gateway to sensuality and deep emotion. Dare to awaken your body, and that of your partner, to new experiences of sensual love and pleasure. Have fun experimenting with the abundant know-how offered in this book: seductive aids, aromatic oils, tempting aphrodisiac drinks, and, above all, a good massage. Such a combination will prove irresistible to your partner. The type of massage you will learn here offers more intimate, profound, and mindful contact than that proffered by mere sex. And, of course, it provides much more pleasure. It is a marvelous, unforgettable experience to realize what effect the slightest touch of our hands can have on our partner, and how it is possible to share the excitement and pleasure they are capable of giving. It is equally wonderful to let ourselves go by putting ourselves in our lover’s hands, so they may awaken our body to the endless possibilities of unexpected, extraordinary feelings and sensations.