Growing Practice of Live Masturbation Together

People looking for sexual satisfaction in life used various methods until recent past. Some got involved in physical and penetrative sex with precautions before engaging in such direct and physical form of sex that dispensed with the chances of unwanted pregnancy. However, such precautions like using condom or anti-pregnancy medications did not wipe out the possibilities of getting infected with sexually transmitted diseases and above all; the dreaded HIV AIDS. Therefore, the men and women desiring sexual satisfaction started looking for an alternative and this gave an impetus to the process of people to masturbate together. Earlier Practice of Live Masturbation Practice of masturbation has not evolved overnight. The practice was prevalent in the past. Initially it was attached with social stigma that it was a sin. However, with researches conducted by scientists that masturbating alone or with others is a legal and healthy process the stigma was removed. As a result people took to masturbation alone or with others. Usually they started to masturbate together with partners not resorting to penetrative sex but in physical proximity to each other where the partners even touched the private parts of each other for stimulation. In recent times the scenario has completely transformed due to advent of Covit 19 pandemic. Covit 19 and Practice of Live Masturbation Not only avoiding penetrative sex but also dispensing with physical proximity for any activity has been ruled out with the advent of killer Corona virus. Leave apart physical touches; even staying within 2 meters of one another is prohibited now. That is why more and more people are turning towards live masturbation while masturbating all alone or together with a partner or a group. The practice involves viewing the partner or other group members involving in masturbation on the screen of their Internet enabled devices. Most important is that sexual arousal or satisfaction can be achieved viewing and following such activities of partners, group member, or even strangers to masturbate together. How to Masturbate Together Online