Terms and conditions of Theory Bot

Customer trust and satisfaction are the number one priority of Theory Bot. Our number one aim is to find the best theory test cancellation for our customers and provide the cancellation to perform the test earlier and get the driving license as soon as possible. We are here to help you by providing our best and professional services. Theory Bot is ready to make all the efforts for you to get your driving license earlier. On this terms and conditions page, "you" and "your" represents the candidates and pupils who are looking for the theory cancellation checker and willing to get our services. We Theory Bot acts as a private agent and has automation bots to find the theory test cancellations for you. Our automation bots spend 24 hours a day on the DVLA website in search of cancellations, and whenever they get one, they reserve it for us, and we inform our clients about the cancellation. Our Method To Work: When a candidate approaches Theory Bot and asks for the theory test cancellation, he/she has to choose a plan. Our website has many plans according to the scanning time, budget, and other requirements. If you want to get our services to find the cancellation, first you have to search for the plan, choose it carefully, and then we start looking for the cancellation for you according to your need and requirements. Different plans contain different strategies and scanning times. These scanning times depend on your budget. For example, if you are willing to get the cancellation earlier, then you may have to choose the plan with less scanning time. After choosing the plan that meets your requirements, we start searching for the cancellation for you, and whenever we get a cancellation, we notify you by email. If you are willing to get the cancellation, then reply to us, otherwise leave it, and we start searching for another when according to your demands. Payment Method: After choosing the plan, you have to pay for it. All the things like; a number of scans, time, budget, etc., are mentioned in a plan. At the end of the planning strategies and information, the budget is mentioned that we charge after choosing the plan by you. First, you have to choose a plan and then pay for it. After the payment, it's our responsibility to search for the best theory test cancellation for under your budget. All the plans and scans are very easy to afford.
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