5 Facts You Didn’t Know about Shower Doors

Are you among those who can't get enough of a perfectly drawn bath? While it is true that a luxurious bathtub has something really whimsical about it, nothing beats the experience of having this indoor pool coupled with a spa-worthy showering area – a total waterside retreat! Even the fanciest waffle-fabric shower curtains are no match to an enclosure that safely cocoons you from the stresses of the world. Whether your idea of an ideal shower enclosure is full of modern wonders or you’re in favour of rustic retreats, there’s one vital component that will have a lot of say in the look and feel of the space – the shower door. Here are five uncommon facts about these transforming, even zen-inducing structures for your showering area. Fact#1 Choosing the Right Shower Door is a Failsafe Way to Alter Your Showering Experience, FOREVER! The reason that this is an uncommon fact, even the first on the list is that people tend to neglect the importance of a shower door when it can literally make or break the space. Now, shower doors are available in a variety of types; however, among them all, the most popular variety is those made of glass – at least a good portion of it. After all, while one enjoys the feel of being swaddled from the disturbing distractions of the world outside, nobody wants a concrete four-wall showering area that leaves no room to breathe! Glass shelters from the outside world while not compromising on much-needed connection and breathable space. Fact#2 Don’t Like Frames? Then Go Frameless!

Glass flooring for an impeccable decor

Modern glass solutions can transform your abode or commercial space into a beautiful attraction for onlookers. The reflective brilliance of glass greatly adds to the aesthetics and style of any interior design. The durability and sturdiness of glass made it possible to create a breathtaking blend of structural and functional aesthetics. Glass solutions are used to elevate the interior design of an abode, however, often ignoring the flooring of that space. Now with durable and robust glass solutions for floorings, you can literally stylise your space from the ground up. Toughened glass is produced by exposing a sheet of glass to extreme heat and then cooling it rapidly. This process enhances the strength and durabilityof the glass. Toughened glass is five times stronger than the regular glass and does not break easily. The toughened glass solution is further enhanced by the process of lamination. In this case, two sheets of toughened glass are bonded together with a PVB interlayer, making it stronger.This glass solution can sustain a huge amount of load and impact. In addition to that, the glass does not break into large sharp shards, but rather crumbles into tiny pebbles without harming anyone. Toughened glass floorings are extremely easy to clean and maintain. Unlike, traditional materials such as stone and marble, glass floorings do not look shabby and fade after installation. They can last for a decade with just basic care. You can further enhance the longevity of these floors with the help of professional cleaners. Also, the reflective charm of this material keeps your space looking bright and beautiful. A major advantage of glass solution is its versatility and flexibility. This modern solution can be customised in numerous ways for a truly unique look. You can opt for various designs, patterns and even colour tints for a magical and charming effect. Tiny colourful lights embedded under the floor can liven up any space instantly. Make a remarkable impression on your guests by creating a stunning display of lights underneath the glass flooring of your home or office. Thus, this modern glass is the perfect solution for your home or commercial space. Be sure to opt for a well-known company that provides a complete range of services from product selection, installation, and fitting to aftercare maintenance for a pleasant experience.

Need for Soundproof Glass in Busy Street Area

In today's world, it doesn't take much for one to realise that human beings were not designed to live amidst loud noise, and never-ending cacophony can seriously hamper health and mood. Though the human ear can tolerate up to 80 decibels of sound without damage, it is also true that above 65 decibels, health starts going downhill. Sadly, rapid urbanisation has allowed unhealthy levels of noise to creep in; and though we may feel like our ears have become accustomed to the sound after a certain point, it still does not mean there will be no repercussions. Noise Pollution Levels Rising at an Alarming Rate Over the years, the problem of noise pollution has only aggravated; streets that were serene and tranquil have now become significant sources of noise pollution. From impatient drivers honking their horns aggressively world without end to overcrowding of people on street corners for a quick chat to some or the other construction work taking place on a daily basis, the causes of noise pollution on streets are plenty. However, this noise level may vary on streets depending upon the time of the day. Nevertheless, all kinds of noise pollution have hazardous effects on a person's physical and mental well-being. This seemingly insignificant distraction can cause serious problems like Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL), high blood pressure, heart disease, sleep disturbances, stress and panic attacks, and much more. The most severe blow is borne by those whose residences, workplaces, schools, etc. stand on a busy street. People usually brush this problem off by saying that avoiding noise altogether is impossible, which though true, is still no excuse to turn a blind eye to its consequences. So, is there no other way but to relocate? Well, for some, having their shops or workplace on a busy street is profitable, and hence, relocating is not a permanent fix. Well, thanks to innovative glass solutions, such problems can be eliminated with the help of soundproof glass or acoustic glass. Understanding Soundproof Glass

Uses of Bathroom Glass Partition

Glass bestows a certain elegance to a space, along with giving it a sizeable feeling. And, this feature of glass is especially beneficial for awarding small space like your bathroom a luxe appeal. Whether you use glass as a way of detaching showering area away from the rest of the room or ensure the partition between the wet and dry space, the choice is yours. Not only do glass partitions offer a cost-effective yet aesthetically unparalleled solution to your bathroom, but they are also easy to install. They can light up this room where you often enjoy your solitude. If you are planning to renovate your restroom or are moving into a new home and are looking for a contemporary material to jazz up the bathroom, try partitions made of glass. Read on to learn about a few ways in which you can use this structure in one of the most vital rooms in your home. Fixed Partitions Nothing complicated to crack, fixed glass partitions create a physical boundary that demarks different areas within a bathroom. It doesn’t have to be a glass enclosure, just a floor to ceiling slab of transparent glass can make all the difference and can rescue a significant portion of your bathroom from getting drenched from shower water. Unlike dividers made from opaque materials, fixed glass partitions do not look bulky. If your bathroom is short of square footage, choose this structure as it will make the room look bigger. You can also use partially frosted glass partitions as they will not block the light and offer privacy in case of accidental barge-ins. Framed Glass Partitions

Maintain Your Health with uPVC Windows

The one exercise that most homeowners look forward to is browse through various catalogues and pick out beautiful doors and windows that will adorn their homes. When it comes to selecting windows, however, it is important to remember not only to look out for the aesthetics, but also for a healthy lifestyle. uPVC windows are best suited for Indian households on both these counts. Here’s how maintaining health is never a problem if you have uPVC windows installed at your house – uPVC Windows Are High On Weather Resistance Life in India is a constant battle against the environmental/weather elements. The scorching sun, the incessant rains, the bitter cold, and the beating winds! You need windows that are fitted perfectly into the walls and are completely capable of keeping these weather elements out. Keeping out the dampness, the heat and the cold winter winds will make your home and office both cozy and health-friendly. This makes uPVC windows a much better choice than wooden or laminate windows. Keeps Allergies Out We live in a world where dust and pollution are major threats to our health, particularly in the urban centres of our country. The number of allergens that surrounds us are increasing – dust, pollen, dander, animal fur etc.. – and our health is quite at stake. uPVC windows block out the dust and pollution almost completely. This makes them a better choice than other traditional alternatives. Add to this the fact that they are rust resistant; this means that if you are allergic to rust this is the perfect choice for your home. Reduces Dependence on Heating and Cooling Systems

Importance of Custom Glass Staircase Design

Glass, with the right kind of craftsmanship, is that one material that can effortlessly fit into any architectural or interior designing project. Its immense popularity is evident from its myriad of applications – doors, windows, partitions, barricades, balustrades, table-tops, etc. However, there is another trend emerging using glass, which is exceptional, both in terms of aesthetic appeal and utility – the installation of a custom glass staircase! Before the question of safety even crosses your mind, here’s a reminder that technological advancements in glassmaking have made it not just possible but even common for glass to go against its own nature – think privacy and most importantly, safety and security. Now, let us get into details and discuss the importance of custom glass staircase. Captivating Aesthetic Appeal Such is the beguiling beauty of a glass staircase that it can easily become the architectural focal point of any space – residential or commercial. Exuding sophistication, glass staircase allows homeowners to integrate different rooms in a light and airy manner, and its addition is the single thing that can take the look of a minimalist space to a whole new level. And if you have a unique floor plan for your home, maybe want it to have a futuristic aesthetic appeal, you can have a frameless glass staircase installed and that alone will give the vibe you’re aiming for. Also, installing colourful LED lights underneath a glass staircase will create a utopia-like atmosphere during the night-time. On the other hand, monotonous and poorly-designed office spaces can hamper productivity like nothing else. However, avoiding this can be as simple as installing a glass staircase in custom designs to give the office a truly professional look. Sometimes, being progress-oriented must show, not just in work ethics, but in space design.