What we didn't notice in BTS new album 😍😘

hello armys I just want to say its been a while since I've been on and sorry for everything I've been busy with school and ive been having problems with the family so I haven't been active but now I'm back and to be active again . Also i want to give thanks for all the talented people that tag me in their cards I am really greatful and I wanted to say that their really talented and hard working and also that their cards turn out to be amazing keep up the good work hope to see more and for me to be more active with all of u . Any who well I got some thing to show and tell all of u . what I just discover that is something that I didn't expect to see on their video of No More Dreams was a word that maybe not so many ppl saw but I was going back and hearing all of their songs and I notice some thing that got me like wat now so here's what I found and its part of their new album wings check it out ur self . In their amazing album I was noticing that their was a word that got my attention and the word was stigma its and amazing song but I didn't know the boys would create a song until I found this on their video of no more dreams take a look . it surprised me cuz I was like omg how come I never saw it in the first and I was totally shocked like I didn't have words to I don't know but my thought about this is that their giving clues about their songs and albums I could be wrong but idk I'm gonna try to dig a little deeper . well have a good day or have a good night . Army fighting