Have you ever had a really vivid dream of you and your bias? Well I sure did last night! I wish I never had to wake up but I woke up at a really really good part. So at least it left me where it did. I had just gotten VIP tickets to go to a concert. Not just any concert. A concert where BTS, GOT7, and EXO were to perform. I was in a group of a select few with my best friend. After being in line for what seemed forever giving how many fans there were, we made it to where we needed to be. A lady from stage crew guided our group to what seemed to be a part of the stage that was in the centre. Each person in the group had to stand on these different platforms that had their bias's name on it. At this point I lost site of my friend when she went to stand on the one that said Jin. I looked around to finally see the one I was looking for. Rapmon's. I went up to it and the lady helped me up. For a while I was fine and really excited as I stood on the platform. Love is not over started to play my heart started pounding. That's when my platform started wobbling. One of the pegs had been broken in the front I tried to balance it but failed and felt myself falling forward. As I was falling forward I felt a strong arm pulling me back the other direction feeling myself run into what seemed to be a broad chest. I turned around as I realized the song had stopped and the fans were going crazy. As I turned, the arm still around me, I saw none other than Namjoonie himself standing before me.
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