Scientific writing: how to respond to reviewers in your scientific research article?

If you want to publish an article in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, you must first submit your article for publication. The publication editor then submits your article through a rigorous evaluation process by a panel of external reviewers chosen by the editor. These reviewers then rate your article and send their comments to the editor along with their recommendations for or against publishing the article in the journal. The editor makes the final decision on whether or not to publish your article. Many academic journals recruit professors and other scholars who are experts in their fields to take on this role, reviewing, evaluating, and determining the validity of their article data and references. Sometimes reviewers decide that your article can be published "as is", which means that it does not require any changes on your part. In most cases, however, improvements or revisions to the manuscript are suggested. These reviews can be minor or substantial, but you should still be ready to respond correctly if they return your scientific paper a month or two after submitting it. But how exactly do you handle the review process? What specific standards should you keep in mind when responding to comments or questions? Here is a list of the most important things to accomplish: - You must be thorough and respond to each comment individually. I recommend doing this just below the reviewer's comment and breaking your answer into multiple points if necessary. -Your response must be clear, specific, and take into account any concerns of the reviewer.

Home Workouts: Bodyweight Cardio Advantages Over Cardio Machines

Home workouts like bodyweight cardiovascular and cardio machines are extremely popular techniques of exercising at home. Bodyweight workouts are workouts that you may perform without weights when utilizing your own body as resistance. Bodyweight cardio is placing these exercises together in circuits to supply you with a cardiovascular exercise as well as a power exercise. Cardio machines like elliptical machines, treadmills, and exercise bicycles are very popular types of cardio that individuals usually resort to if they're obese and need to burn fat in the comfort of their own house. No equipment needed - No need to consume half of their living room just so that you can work out every day. * hardly any cost or none whatsoever - Bodyweight cardio is free if you don't acquire work out DVD or book. You will invest in a few push bars, pull-up bars, rings, or workout balls for more from your work out but they aren't vital. A rowing machine will probably cost at least a few hundred around a few thousand bucks. You might be enjoying a wonderful holiday with that cash or put it into great use. * workout can be carried out everywhere - Do your workouts outside, indoors, on your holiday. It's your decision. You can't haul your cardio machine out or take it on holiday with you. Spend time doing things you enjoy. Watching TV when you're on a rowing machine doesn't provide you some attention on the job at hand. You have to challenge yourself to receive an actual cardiovascular exercise.
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