Lost Ark: Ultimate Vykas Gate 1 Guide

In this Lost Ark Vykas Gate 1 Legion guide, I will go over all the major mechanics and break down its normal patterns.Click here to get more guides on LoA. Vykas gate 1 will have two bosses: the incubus morph and the nightmarish morph. You can also call them the blue boss and the purple boss. When you first enter gate 1, you will be greeted by Incubus Morph. After attacking him for a while at around 54 bars, he will teleport to the middle. Then your party will be split to go against blue or purple bosses. You'll be performing special mechanics against the blue boss, and for the purple boss, you'll have to be inside the purple zone to be safe. Also, if both parties are balanced, it takes more time to lower the purple boss's Hp. So the sidereal skill the neva will be used on the purple side. Finally, when both bosses are 30 bars or less, the two parties will switch bosses. Let's dive into the blue boss's special mechanics. Incubus Morphe Special Mechanics Orbs to Gates The first mechanic will start when the blue boss is around 49 bars. The blue boss will teleport to the middle, and there will be a white circle. Stay in this circle until the explosion, then get into your positions after the explosion. You can stand in times three plus one position and wait for your orbs to appear. When the orbs are summoned, you need to dribble them at the gates when they are the same color. There are a couple of things to remember for this mechanic. The orb color order is always red, blue, green, white, and black. The colors will repeat only twice, and you must put it in the gate before the second circle ends.
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