Amazon Echo Studio in the test - the Alexa HiFi speaker

Amazon wants to appeal to sophisticated music fans with the intelligent speaker Amazon Echo Studio. The Alexa hi-fi loudspeaker is home to 5 loudspeakers, which offered room-filling 3D sound in the test. So the speaker works perfectly together with Amazon's music streaming service Amazon Music HD. In the test, we reveal whether the price of just under 200 euros worth. Test conclusion to Amazon Echo Studio - the hi-fi streaming box for smart home friends Rarely does it happen that we receive a test device that causes envious glances as well as all colleagues. Amazon has succeeded with its hi-fi speaker Echo Studio . So far, Amazon Echo Plus and Amazon Echo Show have been considered the best Amazon echoes for audio playback. This has changed with Amazon Echo Studio. Sound wise referred Amazon Echo Studio in the test, the previous Echo speaker line-up to the rear seats. So that the device can use its strengths fully, we tested the HiFi loudspeaker together with an Amazon music HD subscription . The streaming service offers lossless Ultra HD Premium sound at a bitrate of up to 3,730 kbps, compared to standard streaming offers a bitrate of up to 320 kbps . Echo Studio used this for a room-filling 3D sound. Amazon offers its sound flagship Echo Studio at a competitive price of 199 euros. However, users should also additionally book the Amazon Music HD subscription for just under 15 euros per month, which roughly corresponds to the price of a CD. Together, you get a sound for which music fans would otherwise have to invest several hundred euros in a music system and priceless concert feeling. Amazon Echo Studio in Test - Design and Hardware Features

Google Nest Mini tested - more sound more independence

The successor of Google Home Mini is here and is called Google Nest Mini. The small intelligent loudspeaker from Google hides big surprises inside, which already hint at the next technological leap. Thus Google Nest Mini makes the language assistant Google Assistant more independent than other AIs. In the test, Google Nest Mini also shone with improved sound and communication properties compared to its predecessor. We tested Google Nest Mini and revealed whether it's worth making a purchase. Test result to Google Nest mini - clear purchase recommendation for Google user The predecessor model Google Home Mini was already able to convince with amazingly good sound characteristics for its size. Google Nest Mini sets the bar even higher. The developers have understood that music entertainment is one of the most used features of a smart speaker. In addition, with the integration of its own AI chip, Google is showing that serious thought is being given to the future of the smart home. Thanks to its own chip, voice assistant Google Assistant becomes less dependent on the cloud and can continue to work and operate smart home devices even if the Internet connection is interrupted. In the test, Google Nest Mini was able to convince all along the line. Installation was child's play, the sound sounds incredibly good for the size. Google has managed to outdo its already voluminous-sounding predecessor Google Home Mini. Thanks to Google Duo functionality, Google Nest Mini can now also be used for telephony functions or as a voice message box. In our eyes, Google Nest Mini is a clear recommendation to buy. Google Nest Mini - Google Speaker Design and Hardware Features As part of the integration of Smart Home Schmiede Nest into the Google Group, Google now markets its Smart Home solutions under the name Nest. The Google Nest Mini is the successor of one of the most prominent Google Home products under the new brand name. In Germany, the product was presented at a Google event in Berlin, to which we were also invited.

ecocoach and ecovolta - Energy management and battery systems

Renewable energies are on the advance, more and more innovations and innovations are constantly expanding the market. Therefore, the start-up ecocoach and its division ecovolta are now conquering the market. For ten years now, the founder of ecocoach has been pursuing the goal of producing renewable electricity and finding energy-efficient solutions for individual buildings. The technology company ecovolta concentrates on the development and production of lithium-ion battery packs. ecocoach energy intelligently used in the building The ecocoach system, which comes from Switzerland, reduces emissions and costs through renewable energies. The systems are suitable for all types of buildings and expandable at any time. The company's goal is to develop smart and sustainable solutions for maximum energy efficiency. These economic solutions enable not only advanced sustainable technology in the building sector but also in mobility. The complete range of solutions from eccocoach includes holistic digitalization, energy management, building automation, smart energy & smart home, battery storage and electromobility. ecocoach - holistic digitalization and energy management The requirements of technical building components are becoming increasingly complex, and ecocoach combines them on a digital platform. From power distribution to automation, the system brings together communication with all interfaces and protocols on a programming-free interface. All operating parameters are controlled via drag and drop via the cloud, enabling a digitized construction site and creating the basis for further platform levels. The energy management system from ecocoach controls the power flows and the building technology and achieves greater energy efficiency than comparable solutions. Thanks to the system, for example, the self-generated solar power is optimally consumed in-house. If the self-consumption is not high enough, the surplus electricity is sold as tenant electricity. Building automation and Smart Energy & Smart Home solution from ecocoach

Geofencing-capable thermostats - the smart way to heat

The colder the outside temperatures, the warmer and more comfortable your own home should be heated - preferably efficient and energy-efficient. At the same time, if users are present, they want to find warm rooms and not freeze at home. Geofencing-enabled thermostats ensure that the apartment is pleasantly warm when you come home and that the temperature is minimized when nobody is at home. We explain how geofencing-capable thermostats work, give advantages and disadvantages and give tips on what to look for when buying. Heating with geofencing thermostats - Defining specific areas Geofencing is almost literally translatable from English. The first part in the word stands for geographic and fence is to translate with fence. In relation to the heating control, users can define or "fence" themselves an area in which a presence is to be registered. Anything that exceeds the defined GPS limit is considered absent. Depending on the area in which family members are located, the temperature of the heating is minimized or increased. Smart heating control by intelligent thermostats The topic of heating is particularly relevant to winter time and involves pragmatic factors. Smart heating solutions make everyday life easier for users and are efficient and energy-efficient. When residents come home, the apartment should already be warm. In conventional heating, it may happen that the residents come home later than the set heating phase. If family members come home later than planned, the apartment will be heated for several hours without anyone being there. With intelligent thermostatsHeating plans can be easily created by app and also remotely. An unplanned delay is then uncomplicated and users can update the heating start to the actual arrival time in the home.

The best OLED TV 2019 - smart features and HDR in vogue

Lovers of TV series and Hollywood blockbusters can look forward to it. 2019 is the perfect year for a TV purchase. New technologies and innovations are causing falling prices. The trend is integrated voice assistants, good sound and dynamic HDR. We introduce the best OLED TVsby LG, Grundig and Philips in the popular 55 and 65 inch size range. Including a real premium highlight for a top bargain price that brings cinematic experience into every smart home. Conclusion on the best OLED televisions 2019 - Premium TV will be affordable for everyone OLED TVs impress with their excellent black and contrast values. This is made possible by the self-luminous organic light-emitting diodes, which can be switched on and off individually. Previously OLED TVs were more in the high-price segment settled. Meanwhile, prices have fallen so far that they are affordable for everyone. We have put together the best models. LG OLED55C8 - 55 Inch Premium OLED TV for those on a budget : The LG OLED55C8 is the perfect TV for those who are looking for an excellently equipped OLED TV at a reasonable price. Our price-performance recommendation in the test overview. Grundig OLED Fire TV Edition - 55 Inch OLED TV for Alexa Fans : Not yet available, but already perfectly tuned to Alexa. The TV acts like a smart speaker and accepts voice commands even in standby mode. This makes the TV a smart home entertainment center. Philips 65OLED903 / 12 - 65 Inch OLED TV for Philps Hue friends : Anyone who already uses the Philips Hue lighting system will get the perfect TV with the TV. Thanks to Ambilight technology, the colors from the TV flow into the room and provide an immersive movie experience. Unfortunately, the TV does not support the dynamic HDR format Dolby Vision.

Netatmo indoor alarm siren for home security

Winter time unfortunately means increased danger of burglary because of the early darkness.With the right security precautions, unwanted predators will not be tempted at best.The manufacturer Netatmo presents an indoor alarm siren, with an existing Netatmo security camera simplyretrofitleaves.We took a closer look at the audible alarm and examined which advantages and disadvantages exist. Conclusion to the smart alarm siren: Ensures a safe smart home With the smart indoor alarm siren from the manufacturer Netatmo , users get a cheap option for about 80 euros to upgrade their security components in the smart home . However, those interested should keep in mind that the intelligent siren only works in combination with a specific Netatmo indoor camera . If not yet available, the purchase of this camera, which used to be called Welcome, costs about 200 euros. In combination with the Netatmo camera, the 110 decibel loud siren gets handy functions. For example, the alarm siren automatically turns on or off thanks to the face detection function of the Netatmo security cam, depending on the presence or absence of residents. In addition, selectable music or other sounds are used for presence simulation. Optionally, barking is possible. Although the new acquisition of both components with almost 300 euros is a bit expensive, for the final use but no additional subscription costs. This is an advantage over alternative third-party security components because cloud storage is not required. The Netatmo indoor camera secures the recordings via Micro SD card. Netatmo provides a practical security package with the alarm system in conjunction with the camera. It is a pity that the alarm siren can not be controlled by voice. For example, if elderly people fall in the household, they can not verbally trigger a manual alarm. This requires a smartphone.