How long have you been living in this world? Have you ever counted how many dreams have you had in your life? How many dreams are in progress, how many dreams you have tried to make it real and failed, or how many dreams you have just made it pass your life? It is good if you are working on your dreams; and you don't have to be worried if you failed. A great invention doesn't pop-up instantly, instead through several tests. Which made you feel regret most when it was failed or when you just made it slip by? I bet the last one would be the best answer. We made it just pass our life because we don't trust our dream. We don't trust because we are afraid. We are afraid because we are the king in our comfort zone. We feel satisfied with what we are having right now although it keeps us in a box which makes us cannot see the talents we have. The box that prevent us from growing. It blinds us that we don't want to do something bigger. Remember great things never comes from a comfort zone. I believe that most of us are not that brave to take that step, getting out from our comfort zone. We have enough and that's it, why do we have to make a step further? But, when we are offered something that we know it is our passion can we resist it? But how if it doesn't offer as much as we get in our current place. As long as we can still live and more than that we can develop ourselves, we can use our talents, we can feel happier why not? Don't be afraid. Being scared makes us more creative. Risking our life for something that we believe in is a blessing. It comes to me, a time that I have to decide something hard. Last two weeks I decided to leave my comfort zone. So, the next three weeks I will be leaving my place, a place that has made me feel secured, comfortable, but flat. Yes, flat. I feel that I am just doing my routine nothing's new, no more challenge. At first, of course I struggled with myself, it's not easy leaving all these comforts. Leaving a big company for a start-up company. People will think I'm crazy, but there will be no second chance. I take it. Frankly speaking this new job is not only my dream job but a job that I have prayed for so long. I need a job that make me feel more peaceful, a job that can give me time be closer to God and I thank God He gives me this. So, before you decide ask God if it's really for you and if you feel peaceful then it is. So are you ready to live your dreams? Don't be afraid pray and try and He will give you the best answer. He will guarantee your life. Leave your comfort zone and glorify His name.