More than a "Trend"...

so I've been noticing that a lot of things in society and within the media and on certain actresses that have been spotlighted in majority-black Phil black channels and just pretty much black advertised television depicting a lot of dark skin women and have been reading blogs and articles speaking on how black is all the second Beautiful. where has no matter the complexion it has been the dark skin women then let's say the black sheep and all of a sudden are being shown more and as they're being shown more they're being seen as a trend something to keep up with. and I ask myself why because for generations and even before myheritage hand being mixed race was acknowledged as beautiful I've been on this planet for 31 years and never would think of myself to be a trend. but for some reason it is and I shake my head upon it is a dark woman is more than a sister you see on a movie braids down her back bamboo earrings and dark lips smoking weed with a big butt. but that's what we're being depicted as but as soon as you see it dark skin women with a ba pretty white teeth good hair perfect cheek bone structure she is now trying to fit in or as I said a trend. myself I am Park full-blooded Native American , Jamaican American , and all the male African American women with exotic features yet I have a wide nose big lips big eyes and I bet if I didn't have good hair chinky eyes or fair skin I will be considered a sister from the hood around the way but I'm not. I see that judgment is passed so often when it comes to skin complexion where they rather have it Alicia Keys and Halle Berry and Janet Jackson or someone lighter than myself to play lead on any show unless of course it's 12 Years a Slave or the butler by Lee Daniels where they show their skin and it's rare form which was years ago and really doesn't exist today. I just wanted to share these few thoughts and if you read it closely and feel the need to comment please feel free let me know I'm not by myself thanks
tdarealtownbossLet me start with, your not alone. The media and entertainment industry's have capitalized on an fickle mass society. Fad's and trends keep the people compliant. With constant transition the masses never know what's next, so they'll believe anything. Whoever controls the media controls the world. Unfortunately the owners don't resemble people of color. They have an agenda that is geared to keep the powers that be in power. Far to long people of color have looked for themselves in magazine's, movies, music, fashion, sports, and anything that gives instant gratification. The majority have bought into the fictional image of beauty. So they try to look like the images constantly displayed. The only images of darker individuals are portrayed as maid's, nannies, slaves, gangbangers, drug dealers, dope fens and any other negative image you can think of. This makes it hard for society to believe a person of color playing a positive role. Aa People of color we have to empower ourselves. For starters stop looking outside of ourselves for the okay to be who the creator made everyone to be. The validation is that no two people are the same. So why chase unobtainable goal. No people of color aren't trends but we gotta start thinking and reject the stereo types. Learn to support each other. Help one another develop unique talents and build a platform to display them. Mankind must begin to unite because as a whole we have way bigger fish to fry. War, water shortage globally, earthquake's, Cancer, economic collapse, the real threat Marshall Law being imposed, chemtrails, and nuclear waste contamination to name a few. I know this is pretty wordy but thanks for a opportunity to vent. Much respect to you for putting something with depth on folks mind.

"Being Gratful!"

I've been recently bothered when it come to ppl who are down right "Unappreciative" of anything I or another does. Which is a fucking shame. For instance, you're out shopping, seeing yourself to getting multiple things because you know the taste of the other person is similar to yours. Especially if its a best friend. But in this case not all is needed or wanted by them, such as hair products, certain vitamins that my coincide with there medication. So you end up showing em what you got for them, but then they look at abundance of needed things you got cause its required, they then have the nerve to call you "selfish and self centered" if that's the case give me all my shit back, RIGHT!!!! AND FYI, I'm a grudge holder, so I'll never share with ppl who don't appreciate what I give out of good intention and willingly! point blank, period. So my riddle is, "why even get things to someone, when they turn around and tell you, "you're self centered because you got more stuff for yourself than me"" W.T.F KIND SENSE DOES THAT HONESTLY! SO I basicslly went on a awesome beauty haul this evening, got not just a few pieces for her, but things she requested earlier down the line too.


So I know some of us may be spending valentines day to ourselves and in our own pity of how we don't have a Valentine or significant other or someone else that we can celebrate the holiday with. like myself I have plenty of choices I'd spend valentines day with , but it is very complicated as to why I cant. And if you can read between the lines , it's more of a "when we're together ,we're together when we're not together we're not together , YEAH, get my drift, No commitment , no ties but we're just really close friends, we do share intimate moments, we share a lot of affection and we get along just fine with laughs and jokes and giggles and able to just chill out, sip wine and maybe light something in the air and just enjoy one anothers company but I'm not sure that's going to happen on the day it should happen. So that brings me to the topic for those spending the valentines day alone, what are some things you plan on doing and are you going to do something for yourself , or just to show the appreciation for the love that you give yourself. So that brings me to the topic for those spending V-day alone, "What are some things you plan on doing and are going to do, by treating yourself with appreciation for the love that you give yourself"?!?? When no one else is able to share this day with you?" Below I've conjored up some DIY ideas and treats to give yourself a bomb V-day to yourself! And at the end, get into the conversation by commenting below! Let's get started... 1). Aroma therapy in your own home. Aroma therapy can ease tension, relax the senses and allow unintentional meditation. Start by hitting the shops, I peferablly say a Yankee candle shop, but its expensive but worth it, look for sense of lavender, orchards, vanilla or sandalwood, they may even have a candle base on moonlight or zen.

"Love Dolls", companionship ready just 4 You!

I don't know about you,bit disturbing, and degrating, topic, " Would you buy a Sex Doll".... or in a cleaner and true name, "A real doll"??. This isn't new just a fad thats within a certain group of men, who seems to have sheltered, mental issues, self esteem issues, way to much money... etc. The average doll without customized features offered later in ordering one is going for $2.500 to $4,000. From what Ive seen, these dolls are a piece of art, and being purchased, mostly in the UK and Overseas in Asia. Docs have been filmed on these "love dolls" and from what I've seen makes these manufacturer companies of these dolls a good profit. Now that its 2016 I wonder if the dolls are still in demand? Answer says, In a New York times article: It might sound like the plot of a 1980s sci-fi film - but sex robots may actually be the biggest tech trend of 2016. The popularity of the artificially human machines has grown directly in tandem with their realism. And not only will people be having intimate relations with them - they may even fall in love with them too.
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