Which wallet suits me?

A leather wallet for women is a must. We do not, of course, want our money to lie around and therefore store it in a nice wallet. This way we can quickly reach them during a day in the city or while shopping. It differs per woman whether you are looking for a small and compact wallet or a slightly larger wallet. It is also sometimes difficult which size or color wallet suits you best. We are happy to help you find the right wallet for you. Whatever your preferences are, with Leatherlicious your perfect leather wallet is always among them! Small leather wallet Do you have daily passes with you in your bag? Then it is useful if you purchase a compact, small wallet that you can easily store in your bag. If your leather wallet has a small size, then it's no problem that it is in your bag every day! It does not bother you and it does not get in the way, but you still have your important passes to hand. In most small purses there are a number of pockets for your cards and two pockets for your bills. This way you can take all your necessary money matters with you. When is a small leather wallet perfect for you? Do you often have loose cards, coins and bills lying around in your bag, but is your bag so full that a large wallet is not an option? Then a small leather wallet is perfect for you! This size wallet is also ideal to take with you in an evening bag. You naturally have less space in a small bag, but you still want to keep the overview. With this leather accessory, you get some overview in all your bags of every size, that is really nice! Large leather wallet