One Direction vs. Kpop

Okay so let's talk about this. I think this whole fight is ridiculous to be honest. It has gotten completly out of hand with awful insults and it is not okay. I am so tired of it because none of you may know but I am a directioner and you know I love kpop so all of this just upsets me even more. [If you have no idea what this is about well directioners and kpop fans got into a fight over a poll for Billboard. It is a fandom face off and on the top it was Directioners vs Queens and Queens were on the lead. Some directioners were upset about it (something which is completely natural. just remember that) and they went too far creating a fight between directioners and kpop fans] I'm so sick of it because this is not the first time this has happened. Yes there is some immature directioners who were being rude and disrespectful but not all are like that. Also let's remember that all fandoms have immature fans. Like I saw several queens insult One Direction. I think no fangirl should insult any artist because WE KNOW WHAT IT FEELS WHEN OTHERS INSULT OUR FAVORITE ARTISTS. This should just end because in the end One Direction and T-ara will still be famous and loved artists. There will always be haters and immature people but everyone needs to calm down it's just a dumb poll that happens like every year. And I am not taking one side I am saying this for both sides because neither is playing nice. I just hope we can all be nice to each other and especially not insult our faves or others faves/: please this is hurting a lot of people. I also all you who see this agree with me and are respectful as well. JUST LOOK HOW AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL THIS PEOPLE ARE [sorry that I didn't put more artists love the all though] AND THESE TOO!💖 Let's all just be happy! ✌💘💕
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