BTS and my friends

Well this is my first card. So hi to anyone and everyone who is readying this. By the way I have been on Vingle for a while, but all I do is read the amazing fan fiction and keep up with news so thank you to all of you that post since it keeps me up to date with pretty much everything that is going on lol. Ok enough about me let's get down to business lol. I got into kpop in middle school now I am graduating from college lol. My best friend didn't understand why I was into kpop though she would accept it since we are best friend. That is until I got her in to kpop. YAY !! For trashing and recking peoples like with kpop you are welcome lol. Anyways she got so into BTS that I couldn't find here (metaphorically speaking) but come on how can you not. I mean look at this. SEE YOU CAN'T EVEN lol!! By the way gifs and pictures aren't mine just borrowed them lol. So we live in the Texas and since BTS is coming to the U.S we are going to Chicago ✈ to see them . This is our first kpop concert so we are excited but also very nervous . The sad part is we didn't get tickets together so we are in different sections the good part is we get to see BTS . So in reality all I wanted to do is thank my best friend for understanding me and getting trashed with me lol. By the way I am Hispanic so I understand and talk Spanish too if you don't get the picture it say "when your mom tell you to put what you want in the grocery car".