What are some good ways to find OPT students?

Many companies all over the world aim to hire OPT candidates or students who have had their education and professional training in the USA for their skills and knowledge. OPT students have better hard skills as well as soft skills that eventually make them ace all the work they are assigned that benefits the overall performance of the company. Hiring OPT students is difficult as well because of the competing job market. Right from finding OPT students offering the best packages, employers and recruiters need to do a lot of hard work. Also, OPT students, before working in any company, need to get done with the formal paperwork that the country’s respective government needs. The companies that hire OPT students have increased with time post lockdown due to restrictions imposed by the USA government. Though demand has increased for both OPT jobs and OPT candidates have soared, employers and recruiters still face some difficulties while hiring international students. And so before we start with some good ways to find OPT students, let us first know what you should know before hiring OPT candidates. What should you know before hiring OPT students? · If you are a USA based company, you should know that hiring OPT students does not require any documentation or fee from the employer’s side. Although the OPT student will need to pay a fee to the officials for the OPT permission · But before recruiting, recruiters need to check if the OPT candidate has received an EAD card.
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Which job posting sites provide a free resume database for employers?

In today’s time, expecting anything for free, especially prospective employees who can bring desired the skill set and experience in your organization is a bad idea. Even though there are one or two employment portals that allow the employers and placement consultants to access the resumes of job seekers for free, you should never opt for them. You can ensure viewing only genuine and verified resumes by buying a resume database plan. OPTResume has a huge database of OPT candidates in USA. You can select a resume database package of your choice to fulfill your requirements. Irrespective of the package you choose, you can access a sufficient number of opt resumes of candidates from various fields every day. By using the information available in the resume, you can contact prospective candidates that have the required skills and qualifications. You can also post vacancies on OPTResume to make your recruitment process smooth and fast. You will get an email alert every time someone applies to the vacancy posted by you. The resume packages offered by OPTResume are priced reasonably to meet the needs of all sizes and types of organizations. You can approach their customer support team for resolving your technical queries related to using their website. Thousands of New Resumes belonging to Job Aspirants in various fields get included in our Database every day.
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