a year ago
So firstly i want to introduce my self as a Multifan because i stan almost every group there is in Kpop. And Secondly I'd like to add that bts is one of the main boy groups i stan so that being said i have some stuff i'd like to share whether you agree with me or not. And if you do not agree with what i have to say than please kindly leave my card without commenting because i don't want to hear your shit. *yoongi voice* "I'm sorry" *puts up middle finger* Ok so now that I've said that...let's get to the stuff i must discuss. So I'm sure most of you army's know all the incidents that have been going on in our fandom. And i want to point out a few things that i just won't take anymore. Firstly to the ones that have been making those disgusting videos of themselves masturbating. WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU HAVE YOU GOT NO SELF RESPECT FOR YOUR BODY OUR THE BOYS!?!? Like i don't get it. Why do that to yourself like if you want to get nasty like that keep that shit to yourself NO ONE wants to see that shit. And another thing all those so called armies hating on members GET THE FUCK OUT AND EXIT BECAUSE YOU AREN'T AN ARMY IF YOU DISLIKE A MEMBER...YOU AREN'T AN ARMY IF YOU DO ANTHING THAT HAS HURT OUR FANDOM PERIOD... EX: talk shit about the members.. disrespect the boys in any way...YOUR OUT YOU ARE NO LONGER AN ARMY IF YOU STILL CALL YOURSELF ONE FOR DOING ANY OF THE ABOVE KEEP THINKING YOUR AN ARMY BUT NEWS FLASH BITCH YOUR NOT SO *middle finger* Stop calling Taehyung an alien that shit is not nice. His personality is goofy, takes a while to understand things, playful,and lovable. NOT NO ALIEN that we know of is like him so why call him that. STOP! Using "Jimin you got no jams" that shit is long gone dead... like the meaning of it isn't nice and being reminded of it for 3 fucking years sucks. Some of you may say "Oh i won't stop til Jimin himself says he doesn't like it." Bitch wtf...are you not understanding or seeing straight because if you really understood the boys you would no that Jimin doesn't like it..yeah so what if Rap Monster made that joke up and it's so call all on him.. just fucking stop it already. All these incidents need to stop in general.... (ok done ranting)

Hiii😁✌ there im a high school student...who loves💕 kpop and kdrama. #multifan also i am a 1D fan,5sos fan,TheVamps fan basically i love boy bands no matter what race😁👌💕#MusicIsLife im also a soon to be singer/songwriter/nail technician💋.💏🎉 #internationalfansproblems