What is an essay?

An essay is basically a small formal piece of paper regarding a particular subject. An Essay is usually given by a teacher to evoke the creativity of the students. The students given an essay need to persuade the readers regarding a certain view point, which they carry for the given essay topic. Let us discuss what parts a general academic essay has. If you are unable to write an essay due to poor writing expertise, you must read out writing tips available on websites that write papers for you for free. These tips and tricks will help you to start writing your essay even if you make mistakes initially. However, reading this article can also serve the similar purpose. 1.   Introduction Starting with the introduction. This part is the face of an essay. It is the first part of the essay that the readers will read. It talks about the title of the essay and gives a thesis statement. It is important that the writer puts in all effort to make an introduction as creative as possible. The writer can also take guidance from a “Write My Essay” service. A little professional help is always good. The start of the essay can be made interesting via a quote, questions or a bold statement. One can even start it with a story to make it captivating for the audience. 2.   Body The body of an essay, is the part where one can argue and defend the thesis statement made in the introduction of the essay. Evidence is provided to persuade the reader about the view point that the writer carries. This part of the essay can either make the reader believe your view point or reject it completely. So make sure that you provide substantial proof to strengthen your notion.

How to Format an Essay?

First, what is an essay format? Essay format is basically a set of guidelines used to arrange and structure your paper. They will guide you about the cover page, basic structure of an essay, citations, and conclusion and so on. When a student is formatting a paper, they need to have a cover page, citations and not to mention in text citations and a reference page. Let us go through these guidelines, step by step. 1.   Title Page Make sure you always double space your page, never single space it. Times new roman is the most preferred font style, and the text size should be a standard 12. Start off by writing the name of your institution, followed by the title of the paper. After that, write your name, the course name, teachers name and lastly, the due date. 2.   The First Page of the Essay You should start by adding the header to your page. This header should be on every page except the reference page. On the right side of the header, number the page, and on the left side of the header, write down the heading. Now leave the header and write the title of the paper, in the center top and immediately after that, start writing your essay from the left side of the page. In case you feel any issue in starting your first page of your essay due to poor writing skills and think that I must find someone to write my essay free, you must look for an online essay writer having strong expertise in professional writing.