2 years ago
my top 5 nostalgic dramas
1! Boys Over Flowers This drama is probably most peoples first drama or up there. I think this drama is like the biggest gateway drama. It's popularity was crazy! There are many versions of this Manga turned drama. Taiwanese, Japanese and they even tried an American version but didn't work out too well sadly. This drama also skyrocketed Lee Minho and Kim HyunJoongs careers in my opinion. Of course I don't know what their popularity was like before this drama because this drama was how I even found out anything about koreans. This is also my most watched drama because you can't help but want to watch it again and again even tho you already know what happens. <3 Next is PLAYFUL KISS! Kim HyunJoong in Boys Over Flowers is what made me watch this drama. I totally suffered from second lead syndrome and had to see a drama where he was the lead. And this one did not disappoint! it was so ridiculously funny! I enjoyed the funny parts the sweet parts the sad parts! Woo! even in the midst of kim HyunJoongs controversy I'm still in love with him! 3rd is You're Beautiful I honestly don't remember why I chose to watch it but I was just browsing and ended up watching it. Best decision ever! I totally fell In love with all 4 of these beautiful people! Jang GeunSuk! Jung YongHwa! Park ShinHye! Lee HongKi! All amazing people I will love to my grave! The love square the heart breaks the punch Kiss thing! woo! Just talking about it is getting me excited! I do admit that it was very predictable but who cares! They all did amazing in it and I truly shipped jung yonghwa and park shin hye forever! (until pinnocchio) Which leads me to my next drama!
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