a year ago
What Makes or Breaks an Anime...
Anime is amazing, I'm sure just about anyone reading this has thought or felt that at some point or another. But what exactly makes an anime great? What separates an anime that instantly becomes the hit of the season and the tons we watch an episode or two of and feel no connection to whatsoever? I know its a question boarder than Jotaro Kujo's back with a million different answers to boot though, so I'll narrow it down. What's the one thing you absolutely love when an anime does? Also what's the one thing animes do that instantly has you rolling your eyes? DISCLAIMER, we all have different taste, what one person loves about Anime is bound to be what another person finds frustrating. Please don't go in on another for their taste. Just wanna see what it is everyone else loves and hates about the maxim we all enjoy ^_^v personally I LOVE when an anime does character development well. To see how the Elrichs (FMA) change from being these young naive kids to seeing all of the complexities and evils in the real world was outstanding~ rightfully earning its place as one of my favorite animes of all time. What I personally can't stand in anime are the tired cliches, when an anime uses the exact same tropes without any kind of twist to them, simply because it's a trope. I'm a believer that everything has pretty much been done before. Even so, I admire creativity. If an anime is going to do something that's been done, at least do it in the creators own unique way. But that's just me. What exactly do you love n hate about anime and why? I'd actually love to hear the opinions of those that disagree with me personally too to understand why. Till next time my friends~ ^_^v

"Old wise man in training" sums me up, so if you mean to talk philosophy, lay it on me ^_^v beautiful sights, sounds, actions are what get me reved up. I work to support my love of all that is anime, oh and I'm far too laid back for my own good so that's a thing lol