11-Year Old Graduates from College in California

Tanishq Abraham, an 11 year old who has been in MENSA since the age of four, graduated from American River College in Sacramento, California this week. This college is one of the only schools that would accept him to take classes after he got his high school diploma by taking California's fast graduation trek test in June of 2014. I really wonder where Tanishq will go from here: he got 3 AAs, but no Bachelors degree, likely because most private and public universities will not accept a student this young that cannot live on campus, so that limits where he can attend. Though I value education and I think he will probably keep learning for his whole life, I can't help but feel that he is probably missing out on some experiences that he cannot replicate anywhere else in life, but if what he truly enjoys is learning and he couldn't find a school that would allow him to stick with his age group, well, then good for him! This is a video that was made about this child prodigy when he was just 9 years old. It's really impressive. I hope he can succeed in all he wants to do, and never lose that spark as we so often see these students who are graduating at 11-15 years old do. Stay smart, Tanishq, and keep learning! What will he do after this? "I want to become a doctor, but I also want to become a medical researcher, and also the president of the United States."