Advanced search filters with Newsdata.io news API

Data is the new oil and everybody knows that it’s going to play an important part in the new world, because the world nowadays is driven by data, and getting good and clean data is as important as data. Many individuals, companies, and big institutions gather data for many objectives like competitive analysis, competitive monitoring, and risk management, etc. For that, they use web scrapers and news APIs to fetch the data and as news is an important source of data and information for the majority and it does influence their decision making, thus it affects the markets. Therefore, big techs monitor news and the sentiment for better decision-making for the business. With Newsdata.io news API you get the archived news data and advanced search filters to get the most desired and clean news data for you. You can filter the news data by published date, by country, by language, and by news categories with these advanced filters, you will get your desired news data in JSON, CSV, and Excel. 1. Searching by Publish Date The ability to search and collect news data based on specific time periods and dates allows you to target the news content generated around certain events. As we know, media coverage and public opinion can change from day to day, which makes this search function even more important, by identifying specific date ranges, we can better analyze the content produced, the opinions expressed, and the sentiment towards our entities and categories of interest.