Hello. μ•ˆλ…• γ…—μ•„μ„œγ…£μš”

So, I have been on Vingle since March of 2015 and its almost March 2016. For this entire year, I have been hiding in the shadows of my fellow Vinglers. I was so insecure that i even managed not to make my presences known till the day of today. SO this is what is called and introduction... My name is Dustin Hayato Otsuka but you may call me either Dustin, Hayato, or just Hay. I really does not matter to me. I am a very socially awkward teenager who has to make sure its okay before taking a risk. In other words, I have anxiety. I am a huge kpop boy who even though it sounds, well gay, have so many biases! Like I will not begin to explain what on Earth they do to me. (Yes, guys like cuteness too.) I also have a bad habit of binge watching kdramas. I will legitly sit in front of my laptop for a week if possibly more. I am weird like that ^~^ I also am a weird mix. I am Asian but i am both Japanese and Korean but raised here in the U.S for most of my life. So I am 1/2 of both. I speak mostly English and Korean. I am quite the adventurer so I am always up for a challenge. According to my friends, I am "the nicest guy that any girl could be friends with" I dont nessicarily want to live up to this if its not true but I have had my fair share of deep shit so I am very understand. I hope I could meet some really great friends. Please help me be more social (if thats possible)
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