a year ago
How I see EXO....
Ok so this is my first ever card on here. I'm both nervous and existed lol! I've been in the Kpop world for over a year now and EXO has always been my ultimate bias group with Kai being my ultimate bias (and future husband lol) but after all this time I've come to see EXO as more than idols to me.... Jongin is my forever husband. He'll shower me with puppy kisses and pout when I say no to him. Occasionally he will assault Sehun because sometimes Sehun lets Vivi eat his shoes. And he literally has had 175% enough with Mama Myeonie sometimes. Sigh. But he's cute regardless Kyungsoo is my side husband. He makes me dinner and sings to me when I have trouble sleeping. He makes me dinner almost every night, but yells at me if I don't finish. Something along the lines of "I spent all this time cooking" and "this is better than fried chicken" Baekhyun is my puppy/ son. He smiles and laughs and make all the flowers in the garden bloom. Sometimes I have to pry him away from Sehun since he won't stop biting him, or keep him away from Kyungsoo so he won't scream when he chases him around the house with that bat Chanyeol is my son. I have to take care of him and make sure he doesn't pester Kyungsoo too much and come back with a black eye and his soul lost in a box. Idk what Yixing is anymore. He was big brother but he's over here trying to fight Kai to be my forever husband. Stay in your lane Yixing. Sigh. Other side husband I guess😂😏