My Drug called Love

At the moment, I felt that the world hated my existence. The world had found a way for me to be weak, to have something worth fighting for. As Jong In shook my hand, he gave me an instant thrill. My body shivered at his touch; as if he was unknowingly trying to seduce me. He was the exact same person from my dream. I became lost... as if he had cast a spell on me. He wore a black v neck, showing off his deliciously scented skin. I heard his blood pump throughout his body, and the scent and sound made my senses go haywire. My fangs pricked my tongue and the taste of my own blood was present. I let go of his hand, covering my mouth as I tried to control myself. I knew my eyes were beginning to turn red, for his scent was so alluring and hypnotic. He snapped me out of my enchantment, his facial expression filled with worry and anxiety. "Yuroko. Are you alright? What's wrong? Do you need to go to the hospital?" He put his hand on my back as if it would keep me from falling onto my knees. Again his scent filled my nose, and my heart pounding with the lust and desire from my dream. There was something about him I couldn't shake, something I desperately needed. What it was I didn't know. 'I need to get out of here. If I don't, I'll be revealed.' Reluctantly I quickly moved from him and shook my head. "I'm fine. Don't worry about me." I turned and tried to walk away when Jong In grabbed my hand. "Yuroko." His voice was velvety and soft, just as if he was in my dream. "Really, Jong In, I am fine. I'm going to be late. I hope you aren't hurt. And I do hope that our paths intertwine again. " I pulled my hand back and ran. I ran with my speed to the quickest alleyway where I was able to fully change. My hunger was under control. I didn't understand why I changed that quickly. I grabbed a little black box decorated with red velvet lace. I opened the box and grabbed two tablets and popped them into my mouth. These tablets gave me the satisfaction of blood and keep my hunger in check. ( BTW, for all my Vampire Knight fanatics, I put the idea of the blood tablets in this story. I just wanna let you know that I do not own the blood tablets. Just the plot and original character.) I've never lost control. What in the hell was wrong with me? What is it about that boy that drove me to almost reveal what I am? I guess there's nothing I can do right now. My fangs returned to normal and my eyes went back to their reddish brown color. I licked the blood from my lip,taking in the little sweet taste. "Damn... I'm going to be late!" I began running as fast and as normal as I can, but even then it began to get dull, and so I started to use some of my speed. I quickly ran through the door of S.M. entertainment and bowed to everyone as I went into the practice studio. "I apologize for being late. I was coming but then someone almost got hit by a truck so I had to push them out of the way." Everyone's mouths dropped. They All ran to me and asked if I was okay. I assured them all I was alright and we then continued our business. "Alright, as you all know, we have a major concert coming up. Unfortunately some boys have left a certain group to be on their own. I wish them success on this path, but we do need one person to fill in one part of the group. This will probably be permanent,of course. I have chosen the best person for this job. She is able to keep up with the songs, choreography, and much much more. The person I have chosen for this is....Yuroko." Everyone began to agree with the choice of our boss, and began cheering and clapping for me. "Thank you sir. I am very happy to have been your choice. Whichever group it is I promise to do my very best. Now... who is the group?" He began to walk towards the door and motioned people to come in. I then saw 7 boys walk through and come towards me. They all introduced themselves. "Yuroko... you will be working with EXO from now on. Please be kind to her,boys." They all smiled at me and welcomed me. They're names are Suho, D.O., Chanyeol,Sehun, Baekhyun, Xiumin, and Chen. They all seemed so kind when we heard the door slam. I smelled the familiar and so intoxicating scent. I turned and saw him... the boy whose life I saved. Jong In Her... it's always been her. She visits me and taunts me, she knows I can't have her but yet she still persists on creating the illusion that I have a chance. Every night it's the same thing: I'm in a place I don't recognize, when I see her beautiful features. She has long flowing hair, the color of chestnut. She has beautiful olive skin like I do, her eyes are a gorgeous reddish brown and sparkled like stars. Even though I didn't know who she was, there was something about her I instantly got addicted to. She smelled of sweet vanilla, my favorite scent. She walked majestically, with steps as light as feathers. Except this dream was different. She came towards me, her hair flowing behind her as she did. She put her arms around my neck, and put her head on my chest. She looked up at me, and she had tears in her eyes. She kissed me gently on my lips, as if I was so fragile. She turned and ran off, with me following after her. "Wait! Don't leave! " I was shaken, and I was being watched by my hyungs. I sat up in my bed. "What happened? Why are you all here?" Chanyeol walked up to me. "Kyungsoo was worried sick about you, so he got us. Quick question: why are you crying?" I was shocked by his question, but when I wiped my eyes I looked at the teardrops coming from them. "Crap... guess I was crying. Don't worry about it." We all got ready to go when I said I was going to be late and for them to go on ahead of me. I walked out of the dorm and ran as fast as I could. I wasn't focusing in where I was going,just on instinct. I heard the honk of a horn and when I turned I saw beautiful, reddish brown eyes with arms holding me in an embrace. We rolled on the ground, with me held tightly to their chest. When we finally stopped rolling I could only hear the sound of their heart beating. It gave me a great comfort given the situation. Everyone surrounded us as we helped each other up. My heart stopped. I was speechless. It was her. The girl from my dreams. I only spoke basic things in a situation like this. 'Are you alright? You saved my life.' I asked what her name was, and the answer was beautiful. She spoke so beautifully with words of softness. Her name..was Yuroko. I shook her hand and introduced myself. She quickly withdrew her hand and turned away,covering her nose and mouth. 'Do I smell? Did I put on the wrong clothes or cologne?' I put my hand on her back, once again asking her if she was alright. She moved away and waved her hand."I'm fine. Don't worry about me." As if it was on instinct, I grabbed her hand. "Yuroko..." The way her name rolled off of my tongue felt so damn addicting. She shrugged me off. "Really Jong In . I am fine. I'm going to be late." Before she left, she looked back and smiled at me. "I do hope our paths intertwine again." My heart stopped in that moment. I was in awe. I wanted her. I desperately needed her... to be mine. I ran through the doors of S.M. with all these thoughts running through my mind, but little did I know she would get her wish. She was now a part of EXO, once again making our paths intertwine. Alrighty here's the next chapter!!! I'm so sorry it took so long! I have been so busy with school and I had writers block but here it is. @princessunicorn @tinafalcon22
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My Drug Called Love

"Yuroko... Yuroko...." He called for me in a whisper, the sound of his voice as if it was velvet, slowly fading away. I ran, trying to find where his voice was coming from. I then saw a figure of a person, as if he had waited for me to find him. He turned to face me. It was as if I saw the face of an angel. He had beautiful brown eyes, creamy, untainted skin. His lips were pink and taunted me, teasing me to come a sample a taste of those lips. Just when I had him in my grasp, he disappeared. "No....no...." I awoke suddenly with beads of sweat collecting on my forehead. "It was a dream... only a dream." I opened my curtains to see it was morning. The sound of the birds chirping and the sound wind made me reminisce on the dream. I never knew the boys name, but when I saw him I felt a strong pull. Even in my dream state, I felt as if he was a part of me... a need and desire. But he couldn't possibly exist. "Crap! I'm going to be late!" I looked at the clock as it read 8:30. I'm supposed to be there by 9. I ran out of my apartment and started to run. Its extra bright outside today, and it's a little draining. I am indeed,a vampire. I've learned that people see us as a myth, and that we are afraid of crosses and garlic, and that one bite turns someone into a vampire. That we are the inhabitants of Hell. We do indeed exist, but we are not what people sought us out to be. We are not afraid of the garlic or crosses; some vampires even believe the God exists. As for us "burning to ashes in the sunlight", that's not true. We can withstand the sunlight, but it drains a lot of us. I love to be out in day, plus it makes it harder for us to get caught. Not all vampires are inhumane. Some are, yes. But not me. I care for the human race very deeply. I ensure their safety by joining the hunters, hunting down any rogue vampires who have lost their minds. Level E. I run through the streets of Seoul, wevaing my way through the people. As I wait at a cross walk, I see a truck driver and hear what he thinks. 'I'm just gonna pass through. I need to get to the docks.' As the cross walk became busy with people walking over I was one of the last few people. The truck came at me with a steady speed and I just so happened to have looked up when the driver was about to hit a boy. I ran with all that humans could use to run and pushed the boy out of the way. I held him close to my body as we rolled out of the way. Everyone turned and ran towards us, checking our injuries and making sure we were alright. Luckily, he wasn't hurt. I took the most injuries, but only scratches and bruises. The boy helped me up and only then did I realize.... he was the same boy from my dream. "Oh my God. I could have died if it wasn't for you. Thank you miss- " "Yuroko. My name is Yuroko. And you don't have to call me miss." "Thank you then, Yuroko. My name is Jong In. Kim Jong In." Alright!!! So far so good!! please tell me what you think and I will update soon!! @exoasf @luna1171 @princessunicorn