How To Make Winning Custom Packaging Boxes

Nowadays, custom packaging are getting increasingly popular as manufacturers face tough market competition! Custom packaging solutions boost your products’ competitiveness and make certain things easier. If you are looking for customized packaging boxes for your goods, there are a few things you must consider before finalizing any deal. This article is going to address what important factors you must consider while seeking for the best possible custom boxes. Marketing Strategy Set tone for your packaging and put it in the context of your company’s entire product and marketing strategies. In this stage, you’ll do the market research to determine your market segmentations and learn your target consumers and potential competitors before finalizing the product design! And consider your custom packaging boxes as an integral part of the product design! Packaging is by no means an icing-on-the-cake accessory. Instead, it’s an indispensable and difference-making part of the product! So don’t slight it over until the product design is done. Unique Shapes To make a unique name for your company in the market in a short time, you should think of some out of the box strategies to help you stand out. Using custom boxes of unique & innovative shapes is one of the best and useful ideas. Say no to the old rectangle, square and round shapes of boxes. Brainstorm good ideas, ask your dealers to show you the latest shapes and/or mingle with your consumers to have some insight etc. You can have sleeves in your custom product packaging, or you can go for a transparent front. You may consider using custom plastic packaging boxes for some tricky shapes. Or you can search some existing offers in the market, e.g. this T-shirt shaped customizable watch box with hanger. It’s worth your efforts to figure out a novel shape that would make your products easily recognizable for the customers.

Appreciation of Wrist Watches Starts from Packaging Boxes

Watch boxes of various brands come in diversified styles and of different materials, and usually designed in tune with the positioning of specific watch brands. Packaging boxes for high-end watches tend to look extraordinarily charming. Here listed are watch boxes from 3 top brands. Which one do you like most? Omega Omega is an internationally renowned luxury watchmaker, founded by Louis Brandt in La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1848. The logo "Ω", the 24th and last letter of the Greek alphabet, symbolizes the beginning and the end of things, similar to the cycle of "the end is the beginning" in Asian philosophy. It interprets “Exact time for life" and represents the extraordinary quality of perfection and excellence. Due to its brand awareness, accurate timekeeping, stylish design and prominent durability, its sales in China have always topped the list. Omega watch boxes are also sought after by many watch lovers nowadays. The watch box as shown above is made of high-grade plain-grain leather with premium flannel lining. No-frills in graphic design, except the gold foil stamped brand name and logo. It’s moisture-proof, abrasion-proof and antibacterial. The whole box looks stylish and elegant. The packaging is fine crafted and stitched, with no unwelcoming thread end. Every detail of the watch packaging boxes design is meticulous, in harmony with its consistent practice of handmade, no-mass-production. Patek Philippe Patek Philippe watch box is made of wooden materials(HDF) for the main structure. Other materials involved are cardboard, card stock, coated paper, leatherette paper, specialty paper, flocking cloth, foam/sponge, blister and silk cloth etc. The meticulous packaging design gives consideration to transportation as well as visual appeal.

How to Design Product Packaging to Meet Different Business Needs?

Packaging is by no means to simply wrap things up! Packaging design has become an integral part of product marketing. The quality of packaging makes or breaks the product sales. We need to determine what kinds of business needs to accomplish with the packaging, and thus to what degree of unboxing experience your products need to create. It can be either one or combination of such purposes as protection, storage, shipping, branding and promotion. Before heading to product packaging design, it is essential to know the needs of your business as well as features of the packaging that can fulfill the respective needs. 1. Protection Food, cosmetic, medicine or anything electronic all have their suitable environment. This means that the product can be damaged if they are out of the “comfortable environment” and to prevent from damaging packaging boxes are required. External environment of the packaging like temperature, humidity, dust, light and moisture are some factors which can affect the quality of product. The key element to this solution is packaging material. To solve the protection issue of the product, material of the packaging should be chosen wisely. Paper material might work with cosmetic but not for the medicine. Similarly, metal or cling sheet coated cardboard material is best go for the food preserving. To secure the electronic or other metallic products plastic is the best material. And also, the best choice so far for things like shower gel is still PET bottles, despite all the publicity of anti-plastic. 2. Shipment or Containment
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