Local Midnight Meal "Ba me Kiow"

If you walk around cities in Thailand at 9-10 pm don't be scared that you will be left with hunger! It's very usual that there are street vendors everywhere especially at night! More shockingly a lot of those street vendors are actually franchisees. There's one brand of street vendors that everybody in Thailand recognize, with the combination colour of red and yellow it stands out at night. " Chai See Ba Me Kiow" is probably the most well known Thai franchise within the country and there has to be one in at least every small parts of town! Ba Me Kiow is basically egg noodles with some dumplings and soup, even though eating a bowl of noodles at night might sound too heavy for some but they are actually not that heavy because of the clear soup! Like I have mentioned because it's a franchise branches I can't pinpoint for you where they are exactly but if you are in Thailand you can just ask the locals at night about where you can find a good bowl of Ba Me Kiow ! I personally love this dish and brand because the price is only $1 and they usually open from 7pm onward so after my classes at the university I would eat a bowl before going back to my room and get the studying done!
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Bangkok Local Restaurant “Ban Glang Soi"

I stumbled upon this place a while back when I was with my friend downtown and it’s not a big place but definitely serves a great variety of Thai food at a great price! At this restaurant you can find varieties of food from Thai, Japanese and Western food. The restaurant is called “Ban Glang Soi” which translates to the house in the middle of the street, given its location in the middle of the street from the moment you turn in and to the end of the street. Their most well known dish has to be the dish called “cat food” you may think it doesn’t sound appetising but in Thailand the typical food for cats here are rice and fried mackerel! So at this restaurant you will be able to taste the famous crispy mackerel and a hot plate of rice. For some people like me who likes to add some flavour into the plates you can always ask for Thai chilli paste to go along with this signature dish! It was so good that I think I finished my plate in like 10 minutes and what’s better than this is .. are you ready for it??? The price was only around $2~$3 !!! In Thailand that’s considered a great price too!! Well for something that tastes amazing and is in an actual restaurant! So if you are ever in Bangkok, trust me and drop by to this restaurant and you won’t be disappointed :D Restaurant Information: