this is a depressing, long story so if you don't care about what I am about to say don't read

https://youtu.be/lcslVESIB4U OMG I love BTS and there amazing voice BTS cures my depression not literally but have anxiety and depression. when I my depression and anxiety get bad I listen to BTS because they give a lot of inspiration to armys and a lot of other people do but there's people who put me down like my step and some other family including my dad to the point where they are not the only ones who wish I wasn't here and I appreciate the people who will at least be loyal to others. when I went to elementary School before I knew about K-pop are actually any music that time was the worst elementary childhood ever. everyday... every single day I got bullied both physically and emotionally and not one teacher in my school cared about what the students said or did and little did they know bit by bit I started to cut myself, bit by bit I was thinking about suicide but in fifth grade my dad said "we're moving in a week" and I got so happy to mov. when that week came, when I started fifth grade in a new school it was different from what I experienced before. for the first time that is when I actually felt welcome. it took me a while to be more comfortable but still no real friends..In sixth grade the year someone spoke to me and asked to be my friend. her name is Leah and even now we are still friends. Leah is the one who introduced me to her other friends and I wanted to cry so bad cause I thought that there would never be someone so kind. now I'm in seventh grade. am supposed to be in 8th grade. got held back in second grade. long story short. My dad says that we are moving to Chicago or Orlando next year...my heart began to shatter in pieces because me and my best friend planned how we would walk to highschool together and now it just makes my cry every time I think about that one conversation... planning to have a whole highschool year together and just like that the plan was gone. I cried because Leah was my first best friend and it hurts to leave a best friend behind... the hardest thing to do... just leaving the one person who made me feel like I fit in... now that feeling is slowly fading. Being afraid to loose contact with my friend i can't imagine it but at the same time I feel like my friendship will start to fade. I could tell when I told my friend I was moving she got sad too. I know when my BEST friend is sad, happy, mad... I could tell when she hears my dad say something about moving to her or her mum she gets sad. we had to plan telling our other friends and we did... they didn't care, but that doesn't bother me cause I will be sure to spend my last year here with my best friend and my other friends... lol we even made a squad it's the panda squad.. and based our group off from an anime called Hazbin Hotel and my friends though that my character was Charlie . everyday now I watch Hazbin Hotel... anyways if you have read this far thank you so much. sorry I made this too long