Pick From These Elegant Aluminium Window And Door Designs For Your Home!

In a world subject to inevitable transitions, if there is one aspect that has remained constant, it is the utility of aluminium for different purposes. Since time immemorial, this metal has played an indispensable role in satisfying humankind’s various requirements efficiently and consistently. Take home improvement solutions, for instance. Out of the next ten homes or commercial areas you visit, at least half of them are likely to entail aluminium windows and doors in their premises. And the credit goes to the metal’s malleability, sturdiness and incredible resilience! As premier window and door manufacturers, we at TOSTEM provide innovative, elegant designs personalised to suit every customer’s requirements. Are you looking for dynamic and durable aluminium doors and windows for your home or office? Then, consider taking your pick from these unique designs: Aluminium Door Designs – Where Comfort Meets Safety Aluminium Sliding Doors: The classic aluminium sliding doors are available to fit tracks of different sizes, from 2 panels on 2 tracks to 6 panels on 3 tracks. Sliding doors are popular choices for saving space in smaller rooms since they glide on tracks instead of being secured by hinges. Out swing Doors: Swinging outwards, out swing doors considerably help save indoor space in rooms and cabins. Moreover, they are visually appealing and may demarcate a room from its patio or balcony. Aluminium out swing doors are resilient to fierce winds, heavy rains and humid weather conditions, thus preventing damage. Inswing Doors: As the name suggests, these doors open on the inside of the room. With the bolts and other locking systems being located inwards, inswing aluminium doors offer utmost safety and security, providing greater control to the room’s occupants.

TOSTEM India – Quality Aluminium Windows Manufacturer for Indian Houses

India houses some of the promising manufacturers working on aluminium windows. The quality is mind-boggling, and you will enjoy the long-lasting durability of these items as well. However, looking for the best name in this highly competitive market is essential, and that’s when you head towards TOSTEM, a leading manufacturer in this field. Well, let’s say that TOSTEM India is celebrated for its Japanese innovation in outstanding aluminum sash windows, entrance doors and even for some of their other building materials in so many countries globally. The company makes it a point to present a delicate balance right between service and innovation. Get in with the Experts TOSTEM is known for not just protecting its unique blend of function and form, but it is also known for managing and creating a balance between utility and aesthetic. So, the windows that you get from its side will not just be beautiful to look at, but these  TOSTEM windows will serve the right purpose they were meant for. Here, you are likely to come across a wide range of comprehensive solutions whenever aiming for the best door and window design. The windows and doors, alike, are known for their comfort usage and quality living. There will be a seamless and simple user experience, which makes TOSTEM India one leading choice. What makes them Different and Reputable? You have been thinking of getting your much-needed aluminium windows from the house of TOSTEM India now. Do you know the reason behind their growing importance? The items are developed using some great experiments, which will withstand the harsh weather conditions.

9 Reasons to Choose Aluminium Windows

With many types of aluminium windows flooding the competitive home improvement market, how do you decide the best windows for your home? Of the many options we can think of, we believe that you should put your money on aluminium windows. As a reputed home improvement company, TOSTEM India has just the window for you. Our LIXIL group manufactures one of the sturdiest and most aesthetically refined windows you would love to have in your home. We have outlined nine reasons below to illustrate that the aluminium windows from LIXIL make for a fantastic choice. Read on to learn about them. Aluminium windows from TOSTEM are durable. The aluminium frame is ideal for your windows as it is made of a lower density metal. So, you can procure very slim-line window frames that are strong and sturdy, and great to look at. Standing the test of time with their impressive durability, our Aluminium windows are designed to light up your rooms and make you feel at home in your home. Security levels for the aluminium window design are of top priority for any homeowner. You want to invest in a window that not just looks good but also provides you with a sense of security. Our aluminium windows come to the rescue with their robust and sturdy resilience, perfect for withstanding any attack and fluctuations in weather condition. Be it sun or be it rain, these window collections will keep you sane! Don’t forget that aluminium window design is long-lasting, unlike the uPVC option. Our aluminium windows are built to last. They have the potential to outlive harsh weather conditions with little to bare minimum maintenance from your side. It can withstand any weather element without rotting or rusting to make the windows look stunning for years.

How much do anodised windows cost?

Aluminium windows provide the perfect blend of modern design and higher durability. They have become the most preferred choices for all the new commercial as well as residential constructions. Aluminium imparts superior qualities, such as higher durability and better temperature stability, to the structure. Aluminium is also very resistant to corrosion and rusting and hence, does not require a lot of maintenance. Almost any colour can be powder coated on the surface aluminium door design or aluminium windows through a process called anodizing. It is a very cost-effective process to get your windows coloured. Anodized windows have an exceptionally high retention of colour as the colour pigments are ingrained at the molecular level. Black anodized aluminium windows are in high demand as they block the harmful radiations of the sun to enter inside the room and they also maintain a stable temperature inside. Apart from functional superiority, anodized windows also impart a great aesthetic property to the entire architecture. They are the hallmark of modern design as they are sleek and are available in a wide variety of designs and colours. Cost of Anodized Windows As mentioned earlier, anodized windows are one of the most cost-effective options available. Anodizing an aluminium window, on an average, costs around 10 Paisa to 50 Paisa per inch. Yes, that’s right! They are extremely cheap in cost. Be it the black anodized aluminium windows or aluminium door design in any other colour, the cost of getting aluminium anodized and coloured is same. Let us understand in detail, how the costing of anodized windows is calculated. The charge of anodizing depends on microns. 12 microns is the lowest resolution while 25 microns is the highest resolution of colouring available with anodizing.