Thanks Arif patel (preston/dubai/uk) for being available for the needy during the Pandemic and helped them with basic amenities.

https://soundcloud.com/razyankhan/a-big-thanks-for-arif-patel-preston_uk_dubai The world need such man like him who helped people without their own benefit. Arif Patel "Arif Patel (Preston/UK/Dubai)" A big thanks for Arif Patel (Preston/UK/Dubai) and his team for the support and housing for the people at Lancashire UK, during the pandemic.
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Reading to Improve Language Skills? Focus on Fiction Rather Than Non-Fiction

https://getpocket.com/explore/item/reading-to-improve-language-skills-focus-on-fiction-rather-than-non-fiction?utm_source=pocket-newtab-intl-en We all know that reading is good for children and for adults, and that we should all be reading more often. One of the most obvious benefits of reading is that it helps improve language skills. A major review of research on leisure reading confirmed that reading does indeed foster better verbal abilities, from preschoolers all the way to university students. But, does it matter what we read? In four separate studies, based on data from almost 1,000 young adults, behavioural scientist Marina Rain and I examined how reading fiction and non-fiction predicts verbal abilities. We found that reading fiction was the stronger and more consistent predictor of language skills compared to reading non-fiction. This was true whether people reported their own reading habits or if we used a more objective measure of lifetime reading (recognizing real author names from among false ones). Importantly, after accounting for fiction reading, reading non-fiction did not predict language skills much at all. To measure verbal abilities in three of these studies, we relied on items from the verbal section of the SAT, the standardized test used by many U.S. universities when judging applicants. Thus, the measure of language skills employed in these studies is rather obviously tied to an important real-world outcome: admission to university. Although it was somewhat surprising to discover that reading fictional stories predicts valuable language skills better than reading non-fiction, the repeated replication of this result across several studies increased our confidence in this finding.