Perfect Moments...

Ever wondered what life is all about ? Is it just living or living to achieve something ? Is it living in the moment or making every moment worth to be lived ? Is it believing in perfect moments or striving to make every moment perfect ? We always say life is never perfect nor is any human being. Though it is true, sometimes in this journey of life, we come across those moments which makes us realize life isn't that bad after all, those moments which become memories for lifetime. Maybe we don't realize in our everyday routine but there are always those instant-lift-your-mood moments, special moments which make it all worthwhile. Those are the perfect moments.. Perfect moments can come across anytime, anywhere in your life. With your love in that kiss, with your friend in that hug, with your parents when they are proud of you, with your kids when they look upto you, with your colleagues when you help them, with your neighbors when you share with them, with your pet when you cuddle them, with a complete stranger when you smile at them, You may feel a special moment while travelling, you can see a perfect moment while watching a movie, the list is endless :) so you see.. It can be with anyone, anywhere. So guys, have you had those perfect moments ? Do share and if not am sure they are out there waiting for you to live them !! Believe in you, believe in love, believe in life...