The best case in Detective Conan

Referring to the best and most interesting cases of Conan, we cannot ignore "The case of 12 million hostages that shook the police station" aired in episode 304 of Conan anime. This is also one of the five best cases in the heart of the creator of the series_artist Aoyama Gosho. To draw this case, the author had to refer to many other terrorist movies to be able to sketch in the most realistic way. The actual start of the case is 7 years before the time of high school detective Kudo Shinichi with a bomb attack, this time, the perpetrator detonated Inspector Shiratori's car and left a provocative letter in the form of a cipher. ciphertext indicating the location of two bombs placed somewhere in Tokyo. The police followed and searched everywhere but still couldn't find any clues. In the midst of thousands of pounds hanging by a hair, Conan's detective team finally found a bomb and that bomb was set to announce the remaining bomb's location 3 seconds before detonating. The bomb Conan is facing and the bomb is still hidden somewhere in Tokyo, the famous detective still finds another way in the dilemma. A case full of drama and emotion! According to the readers' opinion, the reason for them to vote for this case is because of the emotional imprint of the two couples Takagi and Sato, Conan (Shinichi) and Ran, in addition, because Sato's sad past is revealed. The drawing was very successful and the situation where Sergeant Takagi and Conan were stuck in the elevator was also very dramatic.