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David de Gea is in the middle of one of the longer transfer sagas in recent memories.

Will he stay at United or will he go to Madrid?

The Manchester United star was not in the team for their season opening match with Spurs and has been left out again as they face off with Aston Villa this afternoon.
Boss Louis van Gaal has stated that de Gea is not in the right state of mind to play as a United player at the moment due to all the rumors surrounding his future.
It was originally supposed that de Gea would go to Madrid while defender Sergio Ramos would swap and head to Manchester, but Ramos has just signed a contract extension with Los Blancos and is set to stay, further complicating de Gea's potential transfer.
With Ramos staying, is there room in Madrid's budget for the Spanish keeper?

Probably - Madrid's budget tends to know no limits.

But beyond all that, what is best for de Gea?

It's difficult to pass up an offer to play as Real Madrid's No. 1. He's a young player and could be in that role for years to come.
But Manchester United offers lots of the same benefits. It's another of the world's biggest club, and has the benefit of being in the EPL, the world's biggest league. And that's a big deal, too - his public image would probably be equally as large.
Madrid is known for their fickle business - if you don't cut it, you're out. For this reason, they cycle through players and managers at alarming rates, and that's not necessarily something you want as a young player.
United has had loads of 'career players,' guys who have stayed at the club for their entire careers. Think Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs and - yes, a goal keeper - Edwin van der Sar. That's a really attractive option for a young player with incredible talent.

My advice? Stay at United, David. You're better off.