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10 Mundane Sherlock Holmes Headcanons
1. Sherlock doesn't eat when he's on a case, but once the case is finished, I think he gets a LOT of food. Probably a few spicy dishes. And then passes out for like 16 hours.
2. The Irregulars are all people that are homeless or in the system or on their way there. He looks out for them, and has built a network where they feel safe. He says it's because they're useful but it's really because he's kind.
3. He actually does make tea. Often. He usually forgets about it though. John is always finding mostly full mugs gone cold all over the flat.
4. He can be very sweet if he thinks he's going to get what he wants.
5. He doesn't dream: he uses his time asleep to review data and rearrange his mind palace.
6. Even though he uses nicotine patches, he still likes a cigarette once in a while.
7. Sherlock actually respects Sally Donovan quite a bit. He thinks she's intelligent and observative. And even though she was wrong about him, he thinks her mistrust is a good instinct.
8. He was an extremely difficult child. He was very intelligent, and meant he got frustrated with other people very often. It was hard to support him as he developed.
9. He has a weakness for pumpkin spice flavoring.
10. There are no more board games at 221B. He and John burned them all one night.

If you don't know what a headcanon is:

I have a few Marvel headcanons that I've posted to Vingle, but I thought I'd make a card with a few of my Sherlock ones too!
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@shannonl5 I used to in HP ALOT XD butttt I calmed down and Now its all about the Kpop so I do it with them lol
@VixenViVi I'd love to hear about your HP or K-pop headcanons! I have some HP ones that I'm still clinging to... @superwholocked omg I do that with my friends too sometimes! Not as much anymore because they're not fans of the same stuff as me anymore. My friend is really into Star Wars so he has so many headcanons for that and I'm so behind >_< I'm more of a Trekkie