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My look alike
This is just freaking creepy
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you just know one more is coming lol
2 years ago·Reply
LOL you guys are too much XD @jlee37 @buddyesd ^.^ so cute omg!!!! And wait, this is creepy... I just discovered (maybe you guys already knew this) that that little girl died when she was 12... maybe she's haunting you @jlee37!! :O
2 years ago·Reply
@allischaaff I think somebody died from all three movies
2 years ago·Reply
@buddyesd omg really?? that's so creepy!!! D:
2 years ago·Reply
@allischaaff yea in part one the actress that played the older sister got killed in rl by her ex. part two I think was the old man ghost guy. and part three was the main girl. really freaky huh
2 years ago·Reply