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Lets be honest, the way we act in front of people doesn't always represent who we truly are. We don't even act the same around different groups of friends, so if you are trying to find yourself and discover your full potential, you need to figure out who you are when no one is looking.
It sounds simple, or it can sound stupid, because most of us believe that we are genuine all of the time. But we aren't. Peer pressure, the struggle to be apart of something, the drive to get ahead changes our personalities. We act in a way that will benefit ourselves.
When you are alone do you,
- Ignore peoples calls and texts because you don't feel like having to do them a favor?
- Do you rush to make sure that everyone is happy, even if you aren't there?
- Do you lie and act shady?
- Do you like to just spend a quiet day reading?
- Or do you like to go have a blast and do something spontaneous?
- Do you crave the attention of a crush more then the love from a friend?
- Do you use offensive language around people who don't yell at you for it?
- Do you crave being by yourself, with tons of people, adventure or standing still?
They may seem like simple questions, but understanding how you behave alone will reveal to you who you really are. A good friend, more of a loner, someone desperate to get out and travel, or someone who doesn't get the appeal of not having a home.
Be aware, there is no right or wrong answer. Knowing yourself will lead to better friendships, better nights, better lifestyle choices; and ultimately a better you.

So maybe you should question yourself,

"Who are you when no ones looking?"

Is it sad that I have no idea who I am when no one's around?
Lizarnone@ great concept some people may not recognize them self
@majesticx well at least now you realize that it's time to figure it out :) life is a learning process and no one knows what's really going on haha don't worry
@TessStevens don't worry we are all guilty of some bad habits !! sometimes i ignore my phone too haha but thats not toooo bad!!
This is so important @LizArnone, integrity is something that really shows itself when nobody is watching. I'm guilty of ignoring people when I'm alone, and a host of other totally bad things :/ It's good to know what you do wrong to make it easier to fix. Thank you for this!