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If you've ever wondered who holds Beyoncé's train and follows in the shadow of a global phenomenon, Sam Greenberg is the star's longtime personal assistant, and you don't learn nothing from being attached at the hip to Queen Bey. Greenberg far from dresses just like her boss, as her unconventional job means that she must always be dressed for last minute international flights, meetings, and paparazzi everywhere.

How does Greenberg stay stylish and pratical?

Can you imagine going everywhere Beyoncé goes? Because her name and face are aligned with Beyoncé's brand, she can't look like a mess, nor can she ever look so fashion-forward that she steals the spotlight. In this challenging position, Greenberg has to look stylish but comfortable, and easily blend in to their surroundings as it isn't in her job description to look eye-catching on the red carpet like Bey must.
Greenberg never wears heels, but often opts for cool sneakers, flats, or flat boots.
While Beyoncé can wear anything and everything she wants to, and nothing is too over-the-top for her, Greenberg must be a bit more toned-down to account for unexpected destinations and tasks. The best way for Greenberg is to stay chic while effectively doing her job is to stick with black.
She tells Vogue:
"If I’m on tour, I’m absolutely wearing black backstage. I’ve always worn black, so it wasn’t too much of a challenge. It’s to blend into the background; people won’t have to see a person in a bright pink top running back and forth on stage. And if there are times I have to go out in the crowd during a performance, I don’t want to be noticed. If it is a summer tour, I have two or three black rompers that I live in. If it is winter tours, I wear jeans, sneakers, and sometimes even some Beyoncé merchandise because that is usually black too, so that is helpful to blend in."
Just because her hectic schedule means she must be comfortable, doesn't mean Greenberg is ready to give up on style altogether.
"Sometimes we get off the plane and go straight to a show or to a meeting," Greenberg says of her crazy schedule. "I always make sure it isn't 'too sweatpants and sweatshirt.' I wear overalls [by Topshop], which are really comfortable on planes."
Greenberg tells Vogue about her crazy job, "I think that in this job it is about looking clean and looking cool, and not trying to be much in the spotlight because that isn’t why you’re there. It is also representing whom you work for. For me, the fun of it is walking in and seeing that B’s stylist has pulled something from what I have or vice versa. It is a cool experience to learn from her and curate my taste along with hers because she is quite the style icon."
Greenberg definitely models how comfortable clothes can be cool and fashionable. She also demonstrates true commitment to a job, though, how many of us wouldn't kill for the chance to serve as a personal assistant to Beyoncé herself?