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I'm not a collector by nature.

I accumulate odds and ends, and rarely complete anything. I don't know if it's because I lose things often, or give them all away. Or maybe because I'm usually too broke to buy lots of things. But I have managed to put together some odd collections.
The collection challenge by @B1A4BTS5ever seems like a really cool idea, and @caitlind9898 encouraged me to do one of my own on this card. Thank you both. ^_^

The 'roommates'.

These are some of the odds & ends from around my apartment. I know it makes some visitors feel weird... like there's always someone looking at you. I don't know! It's never bothered me. Maybe it's because I live alone?
The fish head is named Butterfly by the way. The teeth are really sharp!

The Library.

One thing I really do collect is books. This is a TINY portion of my library (I'm reorganizing this week). It was a pain to move them all. Did you know books are HEAVY? But it's worth it.

The fandoms.

I'm basically a fan of fandoms. Marvel, Sherlock, One Direction, Star Trek, Teen Wolf, DC, Steven Universe, Elementary, Legend of Korra, Harry Potter... I'm always ready to find a new fandom.

The make-up drawer(s).

Apparently I have a lot of make-up? I don't wear it often. But I really enjoy make-up. It's really fun! I was a very artsy kid, and I feel like make-up has been an avenue of self-expression for me in my adult life. And I'm an actor sometimes, so the make-up part feels like an aspect of the costume. It's like adult dress-up. Blending fun colors and changing the way I look... it's not an everyday thing for me but it makes me happy!

The.... what?

I have no idea why I have so many boxes of Cheerios.
Food, I collect different items thinking oh this item would be great to make this but just sits in the cabinet
I just used to collect the marvel comic books. I don't have them anymore though. I guess the only collections I have currently are yugioh and magic cards..... that's the only thing I can think off that has accumulated XD
Dude, you're collections are flippin' beast!! Thank you for tagging me.
@DanRodriguez I used to collect hot wheels
so are mine I will have to go home and show you guys. I am the same way I start/stop and lose track or interest in lots of things@shannonl5
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