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With YG just releasing a new teaser image and multiple potential options (Winner, 2NE1 etc.) ahead of us, all I can think of is iKON.
Is it just me or is anyone else SUPER PUMPED for iKON's debut? After all, the boys have been waiting for 2 years.
All those tears. Honestly, Win: Who is Next? and Mix & Match were emotionally tolling.
All the smiles and laughs. Even through all the struggles, these boys stayed strong.
Now it's our time to be great fangirls and fanboys and give them the welcome that they deserve. I hope the really do become Rookie of the Year!
This will be all us iKON fans as we try to not cry as they finally debut after all the hardships they went through. I mean...I can't be the only one who is extremely proud of them for coming this far!
And while all the new fans are either confused or judging iKON (because let's be real, haters are a thing), we will be the ones to explain everything to them.
And every single track will have us fangirling and fanboying to no end. If their pre-debut songs were that amazing, I can't even wait for what their debut album will be like.

Looking forward to enjoying the iKON debut with all of you! :D

@CathC iKON is great. If you like Big Bang, you will probably like iKON as well :) @LizetAguirre Yes!!! I want to go to their concert whenever they have one in the states! ^^
IKON!!!!! <3 <3 <3
it was said that bigbang album released on the 1st, ikon debut on the 15th and psy at the end of sept@poojas
@poojas ahhhh.... i think....ithink they got to me ..no need for win who is next ...watched some songs they did and bobby rap at show me the money...and yeah i could like them will wait for the real debut and see tho but yeah i could like them :)
I didn't watch mix and match but I like YG and I'm excited to hear them.
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