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I remember one time when I was about 14 I was staring at a rope swing I have been throwing myself off of since I was 7. The lake was always there to catch my fall and with a splash, I would resurface and go again.
But I kept staring at it and asked my Mom's friend if she thinks I should go off.
"What do you mean do I think you should go off, you're the most fearless girl I know, whats stopping you?"
And to this day I still think about it. I use to try everything. I use to climb on roofs to prove I could and cliff jump off the highest point before anyone else because I wanted to prove that girls were better. I was never afraid of falling, failing or faltering.
And I wonder where I was when that changed.
I looked at the rope swing and thought about the slippery wooden planks nailed to the tree, any one of them ready to pitch me over the edge. I thought about the way I have to crawl up and how my stomach would look doing that. I thought of the tree branch swinging with me, worried my weight would break it in front of everyone.
I think of everything that could go wrong.
But then I swim over to the tree. I climb up the wet planks and position myself on the knotted rope and jump.
The point isn't to be fearless. The point is to not let the fear stop you. And let me tell you, I am scared of almost anything...but that doesn't stop be from doing everything.

And isn't that the bravest thing of all?

Hey, this is awesome @LizArnone :) really beautifully written. I'm glad you didn't let fear stop you from taking a leap! I think I could really use more of that attitude in my life... you're right that bravery isn't the absence of fear, it's just fighting through it and taking that leap anyway!! Thanks for the inspiration :)
@allischaaff you can do it!!!! everyone always jokes that i get nervous about everything but i always am like does that stop me NO so quit making fun haha