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We all dream but have you ever noticed it that we don't remember the starting of our dreams. We even don't remember that when we went on a deep sleep. Even when we wake up in the morning we forget that dream immediately. It is very hard to remind that dream in most of the cases. So the question arises now why do we dream? Most of our dream are random. We are talking to someone at one moment then on the other moment we are travellling. Sometimes i feel like there was no proper sense in my dream. It was just the random picturisation of my memory. Few of the things that i have noticed in dreams are We can't open our eyes in dreams. Many people say that they don't see the sun in thier dream. These are the questions that i want to know 1. Can we see the clock in our dreams and tell time? 2. Can we read books in our dream? 3. Have you also felt like you can't move your body like paralysis and there is something bad evil in your room? 4. Have you seen a same dream again? 5. Can we really not see the sun in our dreams? 6. Do blind people who were born blind also see dreams? 7. Do animals see the dreams? Lots of questions :D