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Sometimes ppl can influence you in both good and bad ways . But it's up to you to let it change your mind or not. Now I admit that I sometimes let ppl influence me and sometimes it's not always the best decisions . It's not easy to make up my mind on the things that I would like to do. I guess the reason why I'm not sure about the choices I make is because almost all my life my opinions were either never good enough, or no-one else was willing to listen to them so now I just don't have a solid foundation for my own personal opinions . That's why I look to others and why I get easily influenced sometimes .Maybe it's time for me to think for myself instead of letting others think for me....... I should do that right ?
You're welcome :) @ShadowAnggel87
I definitely think it's important to think for yourself. I think it's okay to have open ears to someone else's insight or perspective, but you definitely should listen to what you ultimately want. Because at the end of the day, it's your life you'll need to live. :)
people around us have big influence on us, sometimes too big. But you should always put your thoughts first, your closest people are there to support that.
thanks for the encouragement and support