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I drew these back in 6th grade and I thought they were so good but now that I look at them I see so many flaws! These were the first drawings I tried but I was still young and wasn't really good at drawing yet but for a 6th grader I don't think they are that bad. What do you guys think?! @corinazurk @Kamiamon @AimeeH @BFP1916 @poojas @DanRodriguez @chandnip804 @AkiraCondry @caitlind9898
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@Kamiamon Haha that's because I've never had my first kiss yet and I thought kissing pictures were really cute back then >_<
I think they are great at a 6th grader level, in 6th grade I couldn't even draw a stick figure
@merryjayne13 Lol thanks!
i love it show me more please
@sherrysahar OK I'll post some more now, I actually drew 3 pics today! Thanks