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My First Drawings! ^.^

I drew these back in 6th grade and I thought they were so good but now that I look at them I see so many flaws! These were the first drawings I tried but I was still young and wasn't really good at drawing yet but for a 6th grader I don't think they are that bad. What do you guys think?! @corinazurk @Kamiamon @AimeeH @BFP1916 @poojas @DanRodriguez @chandnip804 @AkiraCondry @caitlind9898
@poojas @corinazurk XD Lol Thanks guys!
I like them very much so (: .. I know i couldnt draw like that in 6th grade haha
Personally I don't believe in bad drawings. , everything is a work of art because it's original and created by you. I like it, you did a great job :) . . . How do you manage to draw the hands so well. Hands have always been a problem for me so when I see them drawn well. My mind is just like "ajsjand" lol
@biancadanica98 sweetheart I'm glad to hear it. My brother was the same way. Self taught he picked up a pencil and he would recreate the coloring books we had when we were little. Now he's getting his degree in graphic design and game animation, while working on his first graphic novel and getting his portfolio ready. You dear have talent! and when you make it, you will look back and see those drawings back when you were in the 6th grade started you on your quest for excellency. Sorry for the long comment, but I would really like to see more of your art in the future ^~^
These are really good. I am in college and I still can't draw at this level XD
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